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Things to Have Ready Ahead of Your Vaccination Day - go!
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Things to Have Ready Ahead of Your Vaccination Day

Want to make sure getting your first dose goes without a hitch? Come prepared with the items ahead

Fact: as of writing, only 0.9% of the total Philippine population has been fully vaccinated. Evidently, there’s a lot of work left to do. As regular citizens, our job is to ensure that we, as individuals, do our part in helping achieve herd immunity in the Philippines. So should you be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, it’s time to spring into action.

Let’s say you’ve already pre-registered through your designated LGU app or website, and you have your scheduled appointment coming up. What’s next? All that’s left for you to do is to show up early and show up ready. To ensure you have a swift, smooth-sailing COVID-19 vaccination experience, keep these pointers in mind and have the things ahead at the ready.

#1: Learn your current vital stats.

You will be required to provide personal information covering the basics: name, birthdate, home address, email and mobile number. Along with this, you’ll be asked to provide your current height and weight. Be sure to secure these details ahead of time.

#2: Ready identification, paperwork and other supporting documents.

Vaccination day will not move along without these requirements. So show up to your appointment with one government-issued ID and either a hard copy or digital copy of your appointment confirmation. This should have been sent prior via email.

Meanwhile, persons with comorbidities must bring along a medical certificate or physician’s clearance (again, either a hard copy or a digital copy) that confirms their said comorbidities. Anyone taking immunosuppressant drugs such as steroids and any form of maintenance medication also require clearance from their licensed physician.

#3: Remember that vaccination day is BYOB (bring your own ballpen)

To limit physical contact among facilitators at the site and citizens scheduled for their vaccination, bringing your own ballpen is a must.

#4: Arrive on-site early with your personal protective equipment. 

As a standard, all attendees must show up wearing a face mask and a face shield. For added protection, the CDC has recommended double-masking (layer a cloth mask over a surgical mask).

Be sure to follow protocols at all times. You can even take extra precautionary measures.

#5: Bring “backup” items to make sure you’re comfortable.

The following things at this point aren’t required, but they’re nice to keep in handy.

Bring your own water jug so you can rehydrate during the waiting and recovery periods. One or two tablets of Paracetamol might be nice to have on-hand, too, to manage any muscle pains after getting your shot.

Lastly, hang on to that vaccination record card! This serves as your LGU’s sole reference for your vaccine completion. Then, be sure to bring this card with you when you get your second dose.

Herd immunity, here we come! Those who wish to learn more about when and where they can get the vaccine can visit the DOH official website for more information.

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