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4 Things We're Eyeing From the 0917 x SpongeBob Collection - go!
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4 Things We’re Eyeing From the 0917 x SpongeBob Collection

More wearable collectibles for Nickelodeon fans ahead!

Are ya ready for round two, kids? To kick off 2021, 0917 Lifestyle has reunited with the residents of Bikini Bottom.

A little over a year after their first collaboration, the lifestyle brand returns with Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob SquarePants for a fresh release featuring beloved characters from the show.

Notable pieces from the collection include an adorable, classic-in-the-making SpongeBob box frame hoodie, a Patrick Star tee that comes in Patrick Star pink and a graphic t-shirt featuring the SpongeBob crew. In accessories, meanwhile, the tote bag and fanny pack scream “I’m ready!” They’re wearable collectibles that any Nickelodeon fan would find difficult to pass up.

And it’s here where we’ve been working on our 0917 x SpongeBob wish list. Ahead, check out the four pieces that we’ve been eyeing and can’t wait to shop:

The Squidward Cap, ₱595

For the SpongeBob fans who think Squidward is one giant mood:

The SpongeBob Boxframe Shirt, ₱595

This features the iconic cartoon character and the equally iconic shade of yellow.

The SpongeBob Seabed Harrington Jacket, ₱1,795

With a subtle reference to the hit Nickelodeon show, the all-over print of this jacket is one only true SpongeBob fans will recognize.

The SpongeBob Seabed Face Mask, ₱395

For 0917, there’s a difference between ready-ready and SpongeBob-ready. And in the new normal, this means coming equipped with a SpongeBob seabed face mask set.

Ready to add to cart? There are more wish list-worthy finds on 0917 Lifestyle. Click on to check out the full catalogue.

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