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Watch And Play App: Unleash Your Child's Imagination

The Cartoon Network Watch and Play app and service is no longer available starting June 30, 2021. For more information, read the announcement from Cartoon Network.

As kids, we didn’t need to brainstorm to come up with the most imaginative stories and games. We didn’t need inspiration to come to us to draw or create works of art. But when we grow up and life starts to happen, poof! The creative juices stop flowing. We stop dreaming. We stop creating.

Nobody wants that for their kids. We want them to keep coloring their world, to dream big and to create masterpieces. Good thing technology has come up with ways to feed your child’s imagination.

Technology Is Your Friend

Technology is part of what makes our world go round, so there’s no use fighting it. Allow your kids a healthy amount of tech time (no more than two hours of screen time a day according to experts), especially entertaining apps that feed their creativity, like the Cartoon Network Watch and Play app.

On Cartoon Network Watch and Play your kids can watch their favorite (not to mention Emmy Award winning) shows, like Adventure Time, We Bare Bears, Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10 and more, anytime, anywhere. Make sure to rate the shows your kids love and the app will automatically build a video mix especially for them. You can catch exclusive premieres on the app, too—even before it airs on TV! How cool is that? Plus, it’s loaded with tons of games that you and your little ones can enjoy! Pro tip: Turn your device to flip instantly between watching videos and playing games. With awesome new and totally unpredictable features added all the time, the possibilities for fun and creative play are endless!

Also check out the Cartoon Network Anything app, a unique micro-network that presents short-form content. Cartoon Network Anything is an ever-growing and ever-changing stream of content consisting of games, activities, super-fast trivia quizzes and interactive video games, all approximately 15 seconds in length. After a user finishes with one item, they simply swipe the screen to move on to the next. The perpetually-updated stream is delivered randomly, providing never-ending entertainment. Wherever, whenever, whatever!

The Watch and Play app let kids enjoy their favorite characters and shows whenever. Fueling their imagination, it allows them to be a hero with Ben 10 and the Omnitrix, rule the Candy Kingdom with Princess Bubblegum, flip out with The Powerpuff Girls, or embark on mathematical adventures with Finn and Jake whenever they want.

Start At Home

There are so many other ways to unleash and cultivate your child’s imagination. Start at home and show your kids that you value their creativity. Use weekends or holidays to take them to see art, the aquarium or other things you’re interested in, like a bike shop!

Follow Their Lead

We all have a tendency to live vicariously through our children and have them live out our own dreams. Don’t. Instead, observe and follow their lead. See what activities they like and dislike. Have a budding artist in your hands? Give him art materials and the space he needs to express his creativity, i.e., that bare wall in his or her bedroom

kid doodling on a wall

Ask the Right Questions

School, rote learning and getting the right answers put a lot of pressure on kids. Of course, every parent wants their little ones to perform and achieve, but there are ways to encourage them to better appreciate the experience and the results. Instead of asking if they got a perfect score in yesterday’s test, why not ask what they learned or what they can improve on? Less stress means boosting your child’s creativity.

Everybody Makes Mistakes

Including parents and the most successful people in the world. So instead of being hard on your kids when they don’t ace a pop quiz or make the team, help them develop a positive orientation towards failure. Teach them mistakes are opportunities to learn and do better next time.

Brain Food

Yes, we mean literally feed the brain with food that helps put young ones in the right state of mind. Think fruits, cereal or granola bars and other healthy snacks instead of junk food to get those creative juices flowing!

cereal bars

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