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7 TikTokers To Follow For The Best Recipes

Upgrade mealtime with these kitchen pros!

In the past year or so, TikTok has become one of the most popular social media apps. Scrolling through the For You Page will bring different videos that cover beauty, fashion, music, dance challenges and more that you might find yourself losing track of time. One famous side of TikTok is FoodTok, dedicated to the videos of tasty dishes and mouth-watering recipes you’d want to try for yourself.

Since dining in is still not allowed in areas under enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) and modified enhanced community quarantine (MECQ), whipping up meals at home is a safe and easy alternative to do. Scroll along for six TikTokers you can follow for the best recipes.

Ninong Ry (@ninongry)

Ninong Ry gained popularity on the internet because of his mouth-watering cooking videos, complete with ASMR that’s soothing to the ears. Think the crackling skin of crispy pata and the steamy sizzle of sizzling kare-kare. He also posts quick tips and tricks in the kitchen from rolling the perfect lumpiang shanghai to picking which ingredient to add first. True to his name, Ninong Ry instructs his viewers with cheeky humor, just like one’s favorite tito.

Franzie (@franziee_v)

Get your fix of sinful snacks and recreated resto faves from Franzie’s TikTok recipes. Watching her prepare the food makes the process look fun and easy, especially with the wonderful and relaxing sounds of the kitchen. It’s also worth mentioning that some of her recipes have been featured on BuzzFeed Tasty multiple times, which only proves further that she knows her stuff. Time to check out her dishes, with special mentions to crispy potato accordions and spicy crispy nuggets, and let her lead you to your next favorite snack!

EATSplorations (@eatsplorations)

Much like what their name suggests, EATSplorations’s TikTok page is filled with unique and simple recipes that use ingredients that one can find at home, such as the staple canned food we have. Turn regular meals into five-star dishes with tips and tricks to make mealtime more fun, even at home. For example, who knew that pork bistek could be used as a topping for instant noodles? Only EATSploration’s inventive recipe floated that idea. The sky’s the limit with their recipes and hacks that you’d be encouraged to try them all.

Tiffy Cooks (@tiffycooks)

Traveling abroad might not be happening soon, but at least there’s food to remind us of that experience. Tiffy Cooks is a Taiwanese-Canadian whose recipes can transport you to a spontaneous trip to Taiwan’s famous night markets. Learn how to make XXL chicken, her grandmother’s chow mein, a soy sauce chicken you can cook with an air fryer, and more on her page.

Joanne Molinaro (@thekoreanvegan)

The Korean Vegan is famous for her relaxing cooking TikTok recipes that are packed with essential lessons and narrated in her smooth and gentle voice. She tells her own stories as she makes a delectable peach cobbler or instant ramen chips, leaving the audience with two learnings at the end of each video. Like what her name suggests, all her recipes cater to those living the vegan lifestyle. So turn to her if you’re looking for plant-based and vegan-friendly meals with a dash of life advice.

George Lee (@chez_jorge)

If you’re still convinced that vegetables and vegan food can’t be fun, let Taiwanese TikToker George Lee convince you to think otherwise. His TikTok is famous for vegan recipes from different cuisines, such as fried Kung Pao tofu and homemade, plant-based miso. George’s recipes are widely diverse that he’s got his own cookbook on the way. For healthier alternatives to the usual, sinful Asian food, this TikToker’s page is another go-to on the platform.

Benefits of cooking at home

One might think that cooking at home is tedious, but it’s a lot more convenient than you think. Homemade meals are healthier since you get to control the ingredients that go into your food. Plus, preparing food at home has no cost of delivery charges that you get to save money. 

Ready to start cooking? Get your natural ingredients from these local stores.

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