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Tinder and ZALORA Team Up for a Social Fashion Experiment - go!
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Tune In: Tinder and ZALORA Team Up for a Social Fashion Experiment

Nicole Andersson takes on blind dating in an attempt to find her perfect match

Swipe right or swipe left? How about witnessing someone do it the old-school way?

In a fun campaign brought to audiences by the hottest new tandem of power brands, Tinder and ZALORA, witness TV host and lifestyle vlogger Nicole Andersson as she revisits blind dating.

For the first-ever collaborative campaign by dating app Tinder and e-commerce giant ZALORA, it’s all about style matches made in heaven. Entitled The Perfect Match, Andersson stars in what is dubbed a “social fashion experiment,” where she tries to meet her match based solely on style compatibility.

In this video, Andersson must pick out a date from a lineup of five male singles decked out in head-to-toe ZALORA outfits. To help her through this matchmaking game, the campaign invites over fellow content creator Laureen Uy, Andersson’s wing woman in real life and, now, on the show—and the ladies are up against quite the challenge. 

To gear up for the collaborative project, Tinder and ZALORA spearheaded an extensive search for “the hottest and most stylish male singles in the metro,” where both brands get to showcase how they perfectly “marry the concepts of dating and fashion into one exciting experiment that tests if style can truly play a factor in finding one’s perfect match.” Intrigued? Watch it all play out ahead.

“This was a very exciting experience for me, and a fun take on dating. It was refreshing to get to know new people through such a unique concept,” shared Nicole Andersson after filming the fun episode. To this, her wing woman Laureen Uy added: “I loved being able to play the role of wingwoman to Nicole. Style can say so much about a person, and it was very interesting to flesh that out through blind dating.”

And now, from the social fashion experiment to your closets: ZALORA has launched its special curation of clothing categories inspired by The Perfect Match, where customers are free to shop according to their style archetypes, from “the bad boy aesthetic, to the boy next door, the sporty athlete, the stylish dresser, the girl next door, the beach boho chick,” and so much more.

Check out all the style categories on ZALORA’s official website or the official ZALORA app available both on the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.

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