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Just for Her: Valentine's Day Shopping Made Easy With These Nine Gift Ideas

There’s something for everyone in this love month roundup

Congratulations! You got yourself a date this Valentine’s Day! On top of that, you’ve successfully put aside a decent budget for the impending splurge the season of love calls for. Now, the question is: what exactly do you get your special lady?

Do you keep things simple with a bouquet of roses? Maybe a romantic dinner date after work? Or do you go big instead and hire an acoustic band for a surprise serenade?

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Brainstorming for the perfect Valentine’s Day present can be fun if you have a lead, but for the most part, the preparation can get pretty taxing. The great news is we’ve got you covered with this roundup of simple yet memorable gift ideas:

Something That Sparkles

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but a sparkly jewelry set is the next best thing. Opt for something easy on the eyes: a classic, elegant and can be worn to various occasions.


ELLI GERMANY 925 Sterling Silver Classic Swarovski® Crystals Jewelry Set, P2,286.75

Something She Can Add to Her Makeup Bag

Be the kind of man (or woman) who understands (or trie to) kilay is life or whatever beauty jargon. You can never go wrong with a classic, like a brow pencil—do make sure to get one in her shade. This practical purchase will not go unappreciated, we promise!

Something for the House

A scent to remember you by: luxurious candles from Aroma Botanical can take the stress away and liven up your loved one’s house or apartment. Anything and everything by candle light is more romantic, don’t you think?

Something for the Music Lover

Spoil that special someone in your life with earphones only better. With this gift idea, she can listen to her favorite tracks without having to fumble through tangled earphone cords. It’s a keeper.

Something to Get Her Summer-Ready

Here’s a fashion essential that won’t require extensively studying your girlfriend or wife’s personal style. Every woman should have a classic pair of sunglasses in her wardrobe.

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Something for Her Fitness Journey

Because a comfortable pair of sports shoes is essential to anybody on a fitness journey. Perhaps it’s time for her to spring for a brand-new pair. In which case, a present such as this one would be greatly appreciated.

Something for One of Her Most Important Gadgets

A practical present that leaves room for personality: these phone case designs for the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and Xs are stylish but also built to withstand drops, bumps and various adventures.

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Something for Her Inner Creative

Let your S.O. relive simple childhood joys by gifting her with an updated version of the coloring book (age-appropriate but still super fun).


Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest & Coloring Book, P599

Something for the Sweet Tooth

There was no way of course that we’d miss this out. When all else fails, there’s chocolate. As predictable as this is for a Valentine’s Day gift, it’s one any sweet tooth will love.

Happy Valentine’s Day shopping!

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