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6 Ways to Incorporate Pantone’s Color of the Year 2022 into Your Life - go!
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6 Ways to Incorporate Pantone’s Color of the Year into Your Life and Home

Meet Very Peri, Pantone’s color pick for 2022 that symbolizes transition and curiosity

It’s been a while since Pantone, the leading authority in color trends, revealed the color of 2022, Very Peri. The institute, famous for establishing the standout color to rule all colors for the year, describes the rich shade as “a dynamic periwinkle blue hue with a vivifying violet-red undertone.” How’s that for refreshing? And while we're at it, how do you feel about taking it on? 

Following all the events that people around the globe have gone through in the last two years, it makes perfect sense that Pantone would select a color that symbolizes a revitalizing transformation. As a happy and warm hue, Very Peri brings an empowering mix of novelty, carefree confidence and daring curiosity as people start rewriting their lives. In the guide ahead, check out ways you can easily incorporate the Pantone color of the year for 2022 into your day-to-day.

Pantone Color of the Year 2022 - Very Peri
Photo: Looka

Express yourself with Very Peri hair

Very Peri is a particular mix of blue and red, so you can think of it as a very close cousin of violet. When it comes to hair coloring, this is hands-down one of the more flattering shades to take on for cool and warm-toned complexions. It may be a vibrant hue, but don’t write it off just yet as hard to pull off. If you’re planning your next hair transformation, why not consider Very Peri hair?

Colourette Cosmetics hair color
Photo: Colourette Cosmetics, via Wonder

Give your workstation a Very Peri upgrade

Looking into Very Peri-colored artwork and decorative pieces like vases, posters and rugs are just some ways you can bring the Pantone color of the year into your workspace. In the case of home décor, you don’t have to make a bold commitment to incorporate the hue into your home (though highlighting an accent wall by using Very Peri doesn’t sound too bold a home upgrade either). Either way, it’s good to know that small pops of color work just as nicely.

Very Peri workstation
Photo: Pantone

Calm down with Very Peri relaxing scents

Something to keep in mind: Very Peri accessories aren’t only decorative. Bringing in the other senses, particularly scented candles in this color (we have lavender to thank!) are known to soothe anxiety and help calm you down. Other ways to explore this include lavender essential oils or fresh lavender flowers.

Refresh your brand with Very Peri packaging

Pantone, as an institution specializing in color and trend forecasting, has a lot of influence over companies and brands when it comes to their visuals. This is something you can take on, too. Take on Very Peri as a color theme for your business and packaging by mixing saturated blues, muted greens, bubblegum pinks and warm plums with this year’s hue to give your business an updated look.

Very Peri product packaging
Photo: Graphic Mama

Add Very Peri to your wardrobe

Clothes and accessories, of course, are a no-brainer if we’re talking about trying out trends. The shade is vibrant yet subtle, so it’s easy to incorporate into your everyday, casual wardrobe. It’s highly compatible with neutral and muted pieces, too, which only attests to its flexibility. One other way to take on Very Peri is to get workout clothes and activewear in this color. Very Peri, after all, is associated with wellness and a holistic kind of rejuvenation.

Very Peri wardrobe
Photo: Shop Copper, via Wonder

Create a Very Peri make-up look

One of the trendiest Very Peri makeup looks to crop up is the purple blush. It may sound odd, but hear us out: purple blush can look quite natural on your skin once applied, as a kind of cool flush of color. Thinking now about color theory: yellow sits opposite to purple, so purple blush on your cheeks or under the eyes can help brighten your look if you have pale-brown skin or yellow undertones.

Very Peri make-up
Photo: New York Post

As you have probably seen in the past few weeks, Very Peri has dominated the color trends in fashion, beauty, and design pretty early in the year. It’s a versatile and meaningful color that invites you to experiment, be daring and express your imagination. 

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