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5 Ways to Nurture Long-Distance Relationships
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5 Ways to Nurture Long-Distance Relationships

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In this modern age, you can keep sparks flying in your long-distance relationship with a few clicks of a button.

Making a long-distance relationship (LDR) work is no easy feat. Different time zones, missed milestones, and the lack of physical closeness can take their toll on a couple. But thanks to tech innovations, it's easier for LDR couples to keep the romance alive. Learn how to make a long-distance relationship work with dedication, commitment, and technology.

Do Long-Distance Relationships Work?

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Distance makes the heart grow fonder, but only if you and your partner are communicating with each other.

Yes, long-distance relationships can work. In one study, researchers found that individuals in LDRs reported "higher levels of relationship quality" vs those in close-proximity relationships. They also felt more dedicated to and less constrained by their partners.

No doubt, the unique geographical challenges are tough to navigate. The extended time apart can often lead to miscommunication, jealousy, and a lack of intimacy. But you and your partner can manage these struggles by establishing healthy boundaries and maintaining open communication.

How to Navigate and Nurture Your LDR

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Send heartfelt “good morning” and “good night” texts, so your S.O. knows you’re thinking about them.

Honest communication is essential to any relationship—even more so when you rarely see your significant other (S.O.) in person. Fortunately, you're living in the 21st century, and snail mail isn't your only option now. You can invest in techie tools that make it easy to stay in touch. Here’s how to use modern technology to nurture your relationship and bridge the distance.

1. Schedule daily check-ins.

There's a difference between sending funny memes over chat throughout the day and sitting down for a genuine conversation. Start a shared calendar online, find a time that works for both of you, and book those daily catch-ups. They’re an opportunity to just talk and focus on each other.


Not every convo has to be deep or heavy to add value to your relationship. If you're both fully present and engaged, that's all that matters. Even a five-minute video call where you give your partner a glimpse of your life can be incredibly comforting. Showing them your POV can also help make them feel physically closer to you.

2. Maximize online communication.

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Book your daily catch-ups with your partner to share glimpses of your daily life.

Beyond social media, there are other creative ways of communicating online. Don’t limit yourself to using the usual platforms.

You can swap Spotify playlists of your current tunes with your S.O. to get soundtracks of each other's lives. Do you like journaling? Consider starting a TinyLetter or Substack for long-form writing to give your partner a snapshot of your inner world. Are you both visual people? Try vlogging! Splice together clips of your daily life and exchange weekly or monthly video updates.

3. Commit to your date nights.

Since holding each other is a far-off dream (for now), you must use alternative ways to cultivate closeness. It helps to go all-out on virtual date nights and treat them like the real deal.

Here are examples of what that might look like:

  • Surprise your partner with their favorite dish by ordering through a takeout service local to them. You can also send them gifts or fresh flowers.
  • Alternatively, cook a meal together. Pull up a tutorial online and guide each other through the process over video call.
  • Next, dress to impress. It's a small gesture, but it shows your dedication to making it a memorable night.
  • Stream the latest episode of your show (every couple has one!) or a new-to-you movie together on platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, and HBO GO. The Teleparty plug-in allows two people to watch anything simultaneously, so it's like you're in the same room.

For something more involved, you can try playing video games together. Look for options with co-op modes, so you can navigate the in-game world side by side.

4. Plan your future together.

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Send each other snaps of places in your area that you’d like to explore together next time.

Relationship counselors advise all couples, not just those in an LDR, to think about their future. Having something to look forward to is a bonding opportunity for you and your partner. Talk about the big, serious things, like how long your long-distance set-up will last and when you'll live in the same place.

But you can also have fun with it: plan your next vacation together or visualize your "forever" home. Collaborate on itineraries over Google Sheets or Notion, share inspiration through Pinterest, and create mood boards on Milanote. The more visuals you have, the more tangible it all feels. Soon enough, your plans will be much more than that—they'll turn into a life together.

5. Try online couples therapy.

Going to counseling is a proactive step that can help safeguard your relationship. It allows you to learn more about each other in a safe space, so you can deepen your bond even when apart.

A licensed therapist can help you improve interpersonal skills, like better communication and boundary-setting. Both are critical to maintaining any relationship.

Instead of thinking of therapy as a knock on your love, approach it as a sign of commitment. Clearly, you're both eager to learn and develop a healthy, fulfilling partnership despite the distance.

Long-distance relationships get a bad rap, but you can thrive if you work at it with your partner. Plus, you have technology on your side, too. Use it to your advantage by communicating consistently and creating opportunities for emotional intimacy.

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