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Here Are Some Sure Fire Ways To Help You Save Money

Something to tick off on your #HowToBeAnAdult checklist

We’re sure you’ve read all those articles about “How Millennials Don’t Know How To Save” and the corresponding “Why Millennials Can’t Save,” written by baby boomers and millennials respectively. Accusations and excuses aside, however, we can all afford to save a few hundred bucks a week.  It might seem daunting and difficult at first, but it is possible. We’ve listed down the easiest ways below – which, by the way, apply to all generations, so #NoMoreExcuses!

List down all your expenses

The thing about listing down all expenses, including every coffee cup, every trip home and every snack consumed, can get a little tedious. But at the end of the day, it will give you necessary data. That list will eventually show you what you spend on most, what you spend too much for and what you can sacrifice. Having these numbers that you accumulate yourself will open your eyes to the seemingly mundane expenses you accumulate.

Who needs P1000 worth of coffee a week? No one should be spending that much on coffee. Think about all the other things you could be spending on if only you got coffee from the vending machine instead.

Bring packed lunch

No, packing a lunch is not a hassle at the end of the day or in the morning. When you prepare dinner or breakfast, take that time to also prepare your lunch for work. Sometimes, if you aren’t picky, that just means making more food and clearing some in your baonan. You’ll not only be saving money, you’ll also be saving yourself the time and energy it takes to buy food during those awful lunch hours. 

Keep your change

It only takes twenty 5-peso coins to reach a hundred bucks, and how often are you handed 5-peso coins? Piggybanks may be considered for children, but there’s a reason why it teaches children to save. It’s an effective way to save and you’ll hardly notice you’re setting money aside. 

Look for budget-friendly services

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