Which Dating App Is For You?

How do you know which to download?

Let’s face it: Apps make life easier. Pressing a few buttons is easier than talking to someone over the phone to make a delivery order, hailing a ride is easier when you don’t have to negotiate fees and knowing which roads to pass is half the battle won. And it’s pretty much the same for online dating. 


Yes, there is a lot of stigma around the use of online dating apps. People think it’s unnatural to meet others online, meet up with them and maybe start an actual relationship. Well, once upon a time the mere act of speaking with people via a portable box was unnatural. So what’s with the beef?





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Time to see which dating app out there is for you.

There’s no shame in getting yourself out there, whether you choose to go to parties or go online to meet potential partners. You never know where the #PerfectMatch will come from.