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Why Health Insurance Matters Now More Than Ever

And how convenient offers like GoHealth Max can set you up with everything you need

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, health has been at the forefront of everybody’s concerns. That said, the desire to get healthy—and stay healthy—has never been more evident. With this comes the need to get vaccinated, adopt a balanced diet, make smarter lifestyle choices and covering the necessary bases such as health insurance. But what are the basics of a health insurance plan anyway? And how does it all work?

With GoHealth Max in mind, we break down everything to expect when signing up for a health insurance plan.

First things first: What is health insurance? Why do I need a plan?

A health plan is a type of insurance package that assists you with medical costs and expenses in the event that you fall ill, get injured or encounter an accident. Apart from providing basic financial assistance, a health plan offers a number of worthwhile benefits, such as access to emergency care services, teleconsultations and preventive care services. Just ahead, the reasons to get on a health plan ASAP.

In the event of an emergency, you won’t need to break the bank.

Consultation fees, procedures, hospital admissions, buying medication: it’s no secret that medical bills can pile up and cost you more than you can project. With the help of a health insurance plan, policyholders (AKA those signed up for insurance) are granted more flexible payment options. 

When looking at and comparing different policies, opt for the plan that covers the widest scope of illnesses (such as cancer, acute lower or upper respiratory infection, pneumonia, bronchitis, urinary tract infection, gastroenteritis and others) and services. The more thorough the coverage, the less you are likely to walk a financial tightrope.

You get peace of mind heading into the future.

The threat of COVID-19 aside, other medical concerns very well exist as illnesses and injuries can happen unexpectedly. Ideally, an emergency fund should be available for these instances; having a health insurance plan in partnership with this should ease any worries.

Gain easy access to preventive care services.

As it stands, healthcare services are more accessible for policyholders. Thanks to innovations in both the medical and financial sectors, insurance providers are now partnering up directly with medical facilities to offer better care for all. This means getting check-ups, regular vaccinations and medical tests for procedures have become much simpler processes.

Your family can also benefit from your coverage.

Health insurance plans can protect more than just one individual. In addition to extensive medical coverage, some plans accommodate loved ones (family members, partners, and the like) when signed up as dependents. In case of an emergency, they may receive financial assistance and other premiums, too.

With a health insurance plan, you stay ahead of medical inflation.

While it’s great that medical treatments and tech in healthcare are innovating across the board, it’s important to note that the cost, too, of getting sick is inflating. By being insured, you avoid significant strains on your finances while still getting the treatments you need.

There is a vast selection of plans to choose from.

Numerous health insurance providers offer a wide range of plans that take into account various individuals’ needs and financial capabilities. These options can also come with flexible payment methods so that you can still gain protection even on a budget.

Get affordable health insurance through GoHealth Max.

Take the necessary steps if you want to take care of your health. For as low as ₱35, you can sign up for a GoHealth Max plan today. Live worry-free when you secure medical insurance coverage for yourself and your loved ones.

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