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Catch These Items on Globe's Year-End Christmas Sale! - go!
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What To Get At Globe's Year-End Christmas Sale on Shopee!

Did someone say…11.11?

The year is coming to a close and the holidays are ringing in—hard and loud. We always knew the Filipino Christmas spirit was strong, but we’re proving that it’s even stronger than this pandemic.

We might not be able to go through the motions of physically exchanging gifts with our loved ones or scouring the stores for something to gift to ourselves, but the premise is still very much possible. Like with everything else this year, it’s just become a matter of taking things online.

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The year-end Globe sale is now part of Shopee’s 11.11 event, and there’s a lot to get our hands on. Is this a Christmas sale? Every sale is a Christmas sale if you think about it. 


Now the question is simply: What to get?


What do we all need nowadays? WiFi—for work, for play, for school and those moments in between. While we’re all for off-screen time once in a while, there’s just no denying that staying connected is a necessity. 

At the year-end Globe sale, you can get real deals on your home and mobile WiFi products:

0917 Lifestyle goodies

A little fun never hurt anyone—especially when the fun comes in a pretty package that makes you feel just as pretty.

This 11.11, 0917 Lifestyle is giving us deals upon deals on some everyday items we’d be proud to tote around. 

Huawei smartphones

Looking for an everyday partner upgrade? These Huawei smartphones—at discounted prices, of course—are sure to entice you to take that plunge. 

Explore everything that the Huawei Y9S and Huawei P30 have to offer. 


Standard Price

11.11 Price

Huawei Y9S 16MP Kirin 710F



Huawei P30 Triple Camera System



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This 11.11, there’s more to explore. Get looking and “add to cart” now!

For more items, visit the official Globe store on Shopee.

Words Adie Pieraz

Art Matthew Fetalver

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