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Zalora's Upping The Game & Expanding Beyond Fashion - go!
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The New Normal: Zalora's Upping The Game & Expanding Beyond Fashion

Zalora swoops in with their answer to the new normal: a brand new selection of home and health essentials

When it comes to online shopping, Zalora is one of the immediate retailers that comes to mind—at least where fashion is concerned. Since opening its (virtual) doors to the Philippine public in 2012, the site’s easy-to-use interface, responsive customer service and impressive selection of clothing and accessories for women, men and children have won shoppers over, locking Zalora in as one of the country’s most dynamic online retail sites.

As we ease into the new normal, online shopping is becoming less of a hobby and more of a standard. Recognizing these changing times, Zalora has made shifts to bring customers not only the fashion they want, but the essentials they need. Introducing: Zalora Essentials.

Ready to skip the long grocery lines and anxiety of stepping outside? Keep reading to discover the essentials you can now buy with a few easy clicks on Zalora—and how Lifetech by Globe Postpaid can make your online shopping experience even better.

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Health & Personal Care

From supplements to keep your immune system in check to alcohol and masks to keep you protected when the new normal is in full swing, the Health & Personal Care section has you covered!

Food & Beverage

Save yourself from the stress of supermarket queues. Buy ingredients for all the family’s favorite dishes and keep the pantry well-stocked for the next few weeks by buying snacks in bulk. See what else Zalora Essentials’ Food and Beverage selection has to offer!

Home Supplies

Keep yourself and your loved ones safe within the walls of your own home. With the virus still spreading, it’s in our best interest to keep every dish, surface and article of clothing spick and span. Click through to discover the rest of the deals in the Zalora Essentials Home Supplies section!

Baby & Kids

Babies and children are among the most susceptible to the virus. Ensure that the young ones at home have their needs covered—from milk supplements to baby diapers—with a little help from the Baby & Kids selection on the Zalora Essentials page!

Pet Supplies

Don’t forget the pets! Throw in a little something for the pups and kittens into your cart before you hit the checkout button. See the complete list of Zalora Essentials’ Pet Supplies here!

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Take control and discover unparalleled convenience with Lifetech! All Globe Postpaid customers are eligible for a 20% discount on Zalora. Simply download the Rewards app to redeem your discount or to use your points for vouchers.


Words Cessi Treñas

Art Matthew Fetalver

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