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Quiz: Which Van Gogh Painting Suits Your Personality? - go!
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Quiz: Which Van Gogh Painting Best Suits Your Personality?

Take the quiz and stand a chance to win invites to Globe Postpaid’s exclusive showing of Van Gogh Alive on October 26!

We know about Vincent Van Gogh through art and history textbooks, movies and museums, but not many go beyond knowing his name. Born in 1853, Van Gogh was a Dutch post-impressionist painter who painted still life, portraits and landscapes. While his paintings are characterized by thick layers of paint, rich color and dramatic strokes, embedded in each one are emotions and stories from different points in his life.

Ahead of the most visited multi-sensory experience, Van Gogh Alive, arrives in Manila on October 26, learn more about the master painter’s work by taking the quiz below. Find out which of the artist’s iconic paintings best identifies with your personality!

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1Pick a color, any color.

2Your friends would mostly describe you as…

3What is your favorite time of day and why?

4If you had to choose one job out of the following, it would be…

5Describe your sense of style.

6What’s your idea of a weekend well spent?

7No context: Choose an emoji.

Quiz: Which Van Gogh Painting Best Suits Your Personality?

You answered 0 out of 7 questions

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Are you a Globe Postpaid subscriber? If you fit the bill, register on this page and get a chance to learn about Van Gogh’s life and work at Van Gogh Alive! Globe Postpaid’s showing will be on Oct 26 from 9AM to 11AM. 

Van Gogh Alive will also be open from October 26 to December 8 at the 4th floor of One Bonifacio High Street from Monday to Sunday, 11AM to 8PM. For more details, click here!

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Words Cessi Treñas

Art Alex Lara

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