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3 Fitness Trends To Try If You Haven’t Already

For those who want to change their workout routine and for those that want to start one

Fitness, like most things, have trends that come and go. But when you find one you like, a lessening level of public hype should not be reason to let it go. Nevertheless, there are times when we need a change in routine or we need a reason to start one. Below are three of the biggest fitness trends to hit the market in 2017.

Body Weight Training

Body weight training is when relatively no pieces of equipment are used. The practice is easy to learn, can be modified for your strength and ability and, maybe most importantly, cheap. Anyone can find some space to do a few pushups and pull-ups. But when you’re bored and looking for more of challenge, you can add a few squats, lunges, planks or wall sits. 

Group Training

Another big thing that has been catching up is group training, which includes trend such as CrossFit, Cycling and PureBarre. The entire practice began when personal training became too expensive for individuals and it has since not died down. If you work better with other people and you get energy from those around you, group training is definitely something you should look into.

Wearable Technology

 Another big thing that we keep seeing is wearable technology or fitness trackers. The bigger brands of the industry, such as Apple, Fitbit and Samsung have only enhanced their wearables by making them more accurate. The practice allows you to keep track of several things, including heart rate, step count, distance covered, calories burned and active minutes. Options such as the Fitbit Alta Fitness Wristband can even be customized to meet your aesthetic.


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