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3 Reasons Why Steph Curry Is Every Girl’s Man Crush

Basketball fan or not, it’s hard not to crush on Steph Curry

Steph Curry is the baby-faced guard of the Golden State Warriors. Basketball fans, and later the world, began to take notice of Steph in 2014 because of his shooting skills (having a cute face doesn’t hurt either). In the same season, Curry won NBA’s Most Valuable Player Award and led his team to their first championship since the 70's. In the following season, Steph Curry was named the league’s MVP and dubbed among the greatest shooters in NBA history. He’s been winning games and stealing hearts since.

He's the best husband ever.

Throwback to when Curry won his first MVP in May 2014 and the first person he thanks in his acceptance speech is his wife, Ayesha. The best bit? He says to her, “You’re my backbone. You allowed me to do what I do, to focus on basketball and my career…the sacrifices you make, you’re unbelievable.” *Cry*

He speaks and sings Disney.

Steph Curry is no doubt a family man and this carpool karaoke proves that the dad of two isn’t at all shy about it. When James Corden asks what songs he listens to in the car, he says, “Everything a four and a half year old listens to...A lot of Disney. A lot of Moana.” Aww.

Forward to 5:45

He's a good guy.

While we might know him today as the NBA’s Golden Boy, Curry once had to prove naysayers wrong. Growing up a scrawny kid, some had their doubts he would make it to the big league. Now, things are looking golden for Curry and yet he’s maintained quite a positive reputation for himself in the NBA.

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