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5 Ways to Kickstart Your Fitness Game

Jumping aboard the weight loss bandwagon this year? We help you get the ball rolling


Whether you’ve publicly announced it or quietly vowed it to yourself right as the clock struck 12 and 2016 turned a year older, we know that one way or another, you’ve claimed 2017 as your year to get back on the fit track. Despite what social media’s debbie downers and their slew of memes have to say about it, it truly is possible. Here, we clue you in on 5 starter tips to achieve your weight loss and wellness goals.


Stay Realistic

Cliché as it might sound, nothing worth having comes easy––losing weight, toning up and getting back on the healthy track, included. Begin your fitness journey by setting attainable goals. Whether it’s kicking your cravings to the curb or working exercise into your schedule, remember that baby steps are still marks of progress!


Easy Does It

We know this much by now: kicking off a new and improved exercise regimen on the right foot is easy—at least compared to maintaining it. When it comes to working out, moderation is key. While pushing yourself to the limit on the daily can promise quick weight loss, burning out can prevent you from seeing favorable results in the long run. Instead, run your fastest and work your hardest by blocking off a few days of the week for intense workouts, and reserving the rest for milder exercise or recovery.


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Stay Social

Most people equate weight loss with social isolation. This, however, shouldn’t be the case, not if keeping up a healthy lifestyle is in your long-term plans. Instead of avoiding nights out, train yourself to make smart choices: fill up before leaving home, keep your hands a safe distance away from the bar chow and steer clear of sugary drinks.


Drink Up

Forget what your fancy smoothies and cold-pressed drinks may claim; this is the ultimate health drink. Remember to take sips of water throughout the day and have a bottle handy when working out. To keep yourself from overeating, drink a glass or two 30 minutes before meals.


Get Some Shut-Eye

That’s right, night owls: rest and recovery are just as important as hours spent in the gym. Lack of sleep leads to insatiable cravings throughout the day, which are ultimately any fit wannabe’s enemy. This year, clock in enough sleep and learn to unwind; your bed is a safe zone.

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