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All Bets Are Off For the NBA '16-17 season

We don’t know what to expect, except that it’s going to be an entertaining season

It’s been a tumultuous off-season and the league has been irrevocably changed. Whether for better or for worse, only the games can tell. But if there’s one thing for certain, we are witnessing the turnover of a new age in basketball.

1. The Golden State Warriors Adds Even More Luster

With Kevin Durant joining Curry, Thompson, Iguodala and the rest, we’re going to see the balance of power shift this season. The Golden State Warriors are shaping up to be the most dominant squad ever assembled in recent NBA history—because what else could the consolidation of top and reliable players mean for the team? Another year of more GSW fans.

2. Duncan, Kobe and Garnett's Shoes Must Be Filled

The mid-90s superstars are gone and they leave in their wake giant shoes to fill (and giant holes in the hearts of many fans). Such is the nature of the league however, and no legend ever dies—the glory is merely passed on. Rookie Jeremy Ingram is clearly hungry to be the next Kobe. Karl-Anthony Towns could be a Garnett in the making. Kawhi Leonard is also on the up and up, and could fill the gap Tim Duncan leaves behind. These are just our bets, however. Who are yours?

3. New Talent in Minnesota and Milwaukee

Photo via Facebook/MNTimberwolves

With a whole generation of heavyweights leaving the scene, some space has been made for the rookies to shine. We’re looking at Minnessota’s favored rookie Kris Dunn, and Milwaukee’s wildcards Thon Maker and Malcolm Brogdon in particular. Take our word for it—get in on the hype early. These kids already showed off a wealth of potential at the collegiate level that can only be unlocked further at the NBA-level of play. We need teams to step up and challenge the inevitable Golden State dynasty anyway.

4. Let's Talk About LeBron

There’s no other way around it: the King is likely near the end of his reign. The man is getting to that part of every Basketball player’s career where they only have a few shots left at everlasting glory before the years of play just catch up with them. Let’s be clear though. No matter what happens this season, LeBron has earned his laurels and doesn’t need to play a game more to prove that he’s a legend. His contemporaries have retired to NBA Valhalla while he has to contend with new blood yapping at his heels. He doesn’t want to rest just yet though. The big man still has some fight left in him and he wants a few more rings. Also as the last bastion of what seems to be an era ending, all eyes will be on him, because it’s going to be his job to make sure all these kids earn their turn in history.

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Words Aidan

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

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