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Alternative Fitness Clubs Are Here To Stay, So Take Your Pick

For the gym-averse that don’t like deadlifts, cable flys and ab wheel workouts



There was once a time when gyms ruled the fitness world, but that has since passed. Yes, there are still the loyalists out there that prefer a routine workout of arms, legs, abs and whatever else, but the industry has branched out tremendously, too. In the past few years alone, various studious and clubs have popped up all around the metro, each one catering to a specific workout preference.



with branches in Makati, Taguig and Ortigas


Yoga is a great way to sweat and strengthen your body without having to grunt your way through a session. It’s relaxing but still a challenge and you’ll always walk away feeling refreshed.


One of the more popular yoga studios in the metro is Yoga+, and it’s easy to understand why. The club offers classes from different forms of yoga, from Ashtanga (traditional) and Flow (for balance) to Yin (targets the joins) and Hot (to release toxins). Yoga+ also takes care of everything for you, which is great for starters. A yoga mat is provided and so are weights and yoga straps (for those that aren’t that flexible—yet).



Ride Revolution

with branches in Makati and Mandaluyong


Cycling is all about getting your energy up and your sweat glands working. And while some might think it targets just legs, the truth is the entire body gets a workout.


Ride Revolution is one of the go-to studios now, as their trainers are always willing to help make cycling a part of your lifestyle. They’ll call you out during classes, but only to keep you motivated and your energy levels up. And about that overall workout—get ready for some weights, stretches and dance moves.



Nike+ Run Club

Running is oftentimes considered an individual activity. But while it’s great for those times you need to clear your head, there will be moments when you’ll need other people to keep you motivated. That and teach you how to get started.


Nike+ Run Club is actually an application for iOS and for Android users. It connects a user to various other individuals that have the same goals. The app also provides playlists, in-run cheers from friends and even words of encouragement from athletes to help keep you motivated. And the best part is that you can join actual runs in BGC. 




And if getting into and finding classes are your trouble, just download the KFit app for iOS and Android to help you out. It provides discounts for various classes all around Metro Manila. And if you use the GlobeKFit promo code, you'll even get P450 off. Code valid until June 17. 

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