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At-Home Cardio Workouts: Make the Most Out of Limited Space - go!
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At-Home Cardio Workouts That Let You Make the Most Out of Limited Space

No gym in 2022? No problem

Thinking about how long the quarantine has dragged on, staying safe at home has become a lot harder than it sounds. People are up against quarantine fatigue, cabin fever and the experience of languishing, among other things. And while the antidote to these negative side effects includes getting ample exercise, even this in itself poses a challenge. 

With heading to the gym still a gamble and at-home fitness options limited, the chances of an effective calorie-busting workout in the middle of quarantine may appear slim. Hope, however, is not all lost as far as easy cardio is concerned. Good news: being confined to just your four walls is also a non-issue.

Ahead, find five cardio workouts you can try at home that don’t require much: just you, your workout mat and a workout corner.

"15-Minute Beginner Cardio Workout (At Home No Equipment)" by MadFit

This one’s not only an apartment-friendly and beginner-friendly cardio routine, but it’s busy schedule-friendly, too. In just 15 minutes, target and activate all the major muscle groups through a circuit curated by MadFit. The moves here are meant to be done one right after the other but are extremely easy to follow.

"Quick Cardio: Six Calorie Burning Moves" by Wonder

Holistic wellness coach and fitness expert Nikki Torres breaks down six key moves that effectively burn calories. Like the rest of the at-home workout videos in the Work (Out) From Home series, each move is shown alongside a beginner-friendly modification. You can ease your way into the regular circuit over time.

"30-Minute HIIT Cardio Workout With Warm Up" by SELF

With trainer Lita Lewis on deck, SELF has designed a bodyweight workout that guarantees to get you sweating and get your heart rate up. Covering all the bases, the workout kicks off with a warmup, then dives into the cardio series (featuring high-knees, fast feet, star jumps, and more), before finishing with a nice stretch and cool down.

"15-Minute Beginner Low-Impact Cardio" by POPSUGAR Fitness

Not keen on jumps, elaborate sequences or sudden movements? For a completely low-impact option, follow along with this video by POPSUGAR Fitness. You can still get significant results when you pair the workout ahead with other exercises like weight training, yoga or Pilates.

"30-Minute Full Body Fat Burn HIIT (No Jumping)" by Emi Wong

Another beginner-friendly workout for those who need to go easy on their joints or perhaps those whose space does not allow for a lot of jump moves: this jump-free HIIT workout ties cardio into a full-body circuit. Target your core, arms, back, legs and thighs in just 30 minutes.

When it comes to pursuing your 2022 fitness journey, consistency is key—but that doesn’t mean you can’t switch things up. Try peppering your week with a combination of the workouts above; see where it takes you!

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