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You Know You're a True Basketball Fan if You Follow These Sites

Prove to your friends you are more than a "#Bandwagon" basketball fan by getting the low-down on all things basketball, all season long. There are lots of basketball and sports websites that offer in depth analysis, incisive reads, and even inane vines and videos to satisfy any basketball fanatic’s craving. Keep track of your team's games, or just chill out to the top 10 plays of the day!  


Here are 5 basketball sites to to add to your bookmarks bar!


Bleacher Report

It’s technically a website that covers hundreds of sports globally. But its NBA page is the holy grail for videos, from top plays of the day to the funniest clips on and off the court.


Bball Breakdown

Those looking to be more technical with their basketball knowledge will find this page helpful. Among its strongest suits are the video breakdowns of NBA plays full of game strategy lessons any budding coach or interested fan can learn with ease.


SB Nation 


Another popular website composed of more than 300 team and individual sports pages, SB Nation’s NBA coverage stands out especially because of Paul Flannery’s Sunday Shootaround weekly posts. It has an insightful long read, a thought-provoking list, a recap of other interesting columns in the previous week, a collection of quirky quotes from NBA personalities, and the best NBA Vine of the week—all in one post! 


Ball Don’t Lie


Yahoo!’s NBA coverage is a powerhouse in online sports media. Ball Don’t Lie is part of the reason why. It features insights, analysis, previews, and fun posts, but what makes it special is the 10-Man Rotation where it features all must-reads from different NBA team sites every week, trimming the legwork and saving time for NBA fanatics.  


The Ringer


Bill Simmons’ new website is still under development, but subscribers can now get access to newsletters that offer the biting, no-nonsense, how-did-they-think-of-that-one pieces many NBA fans have grown to love and have missed since Grantland closed down.


Honorable mentions: Hoops Addict (for exclusive audio interviews,, TrueHoop (Some of the best ESPN writers and some Grantland alumni flock here,, Hoops Hype (for the hottest NBA rumors, FiveThirtyEight (for the hard-core NBA analytics geek,

Words by: Omar Belo

Image by: Getty Images

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