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Get Lean With These Beginner-Friendly Kettlebell Workouts - go!
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Get Lean With These Beginner-Friendly Kettlebell Workouts

Here are circuits you can try at the gym or at home

The rules of quarantine fitness still apply: mask stays on at all times in workout studios; exercise at the gym at your own risk; work out from home when you can. Whichever the scenario, there are tons of ways to mix things up. You can explore home-friendly exercises for arms, core, legs, and glutes. You can throw in resistance bands for a change of pace, too.

With this in mind, why not a kettlebell? This nifty gym equipment is a cement or cast-iron cannonball weight that comes with a handle, meant to assist you as you achieve various fitness goals like improved flexibility, a dose of cardio, strength training, and even taking on low-impact but highly-effective toning.

The possibilities are endless once you learn the basic moves and the circuits to repeat. Looking to get started? Ahead is a beginner’s guide to hitting your fitness goals with kettlebells.

Kettlebell Back and Arms Workout With Roxie Jones

The key areas that are sure to feel that burn? Your deltoids, triceps, and biceps. Do it like a pro with fitness trainer Roxie Jones and Well+Good. The routine ahead is designed to ease beginners into the kettlebell workout in order to strengthen and tone the back and arms effectively.

“Try it on its own, or tack it on to a longer workout,” Well+Good advises in the description.

Kettlebell Shoulders and Chest Workout With Roxie Jones

In the upper-body shred ahead, Roxie Jones joins forces again with Well+Good’s channel to round up easy-to-follow shoulder- and chest-focused workout moves. The foundational ones to keep in mind are swing, press, row, and raise. More intermediate or advanced moves can stem from these basics. As recommended, you can also increase the number of reps for an added challenge.

Five-Minute Kettlebell Abs Workout With Ashley Gaita

A short but sweet (and effective!) routine awaits those who follow this workout video by Ashley Gaita. As seen here, kettlebells can be used to amp up your ab workout—without strenuous, sudden movements, too. Taking things slow and steady, follow along to get a total ab-defining shred. Once your body is used to these basics, opt for heavier kettlebells or do the routine over two more times.

Booty and Leg Building Kettlebell Workout With Annabelle Hayes

For kettlebell beginners looking for a serious lower-body workout, look no further. Fitness content creator Annabelle Hayes has assembled seven circuits that “isolate the lower body so you can tone and sculpt your legs and glutes.”

Get ready for what’s ahead: The workout features kneeling squats, regular squats, Romanian deadlifts (RDLs), kettlebell swings, close-stance squats, hip thrusts, single-leg RDLs, lunges, and finally, lateral lunges.

Kettlebell Cardio Workout With Caroline Girvan

Hoping to change up your cardio routine? Do it with kettlebells. As part of fitness trainer Caroline Girvan’s “Kick-ass Kettlebell” series, she’s designed a 30-minute superset workout that “puts your muscular endurance to the test!” All you need are a kettlebell and a workout mat, and you’re all set. Girvan further guides: “The timer will be on throughout for one minute of work, straight into another minute of work (typically a variation of a swing) followed by 20 seconds of rest!”

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