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The Biggest Fitness Trends And Equipment That Don’t Work

Here’s what you need to avoid



Trends come and go, but sometimes they come back and hit it hotter than ever before. Then again, there are some trends that should just stay gone. And while taste for fashion and music is completely subjective, there are certain reasons why some fitness trends should start making their way behind us.


Waist Trainers

Waist trainers—a.k.a corsets—help shape your body while you wear them, but they don’t do anything for you when you take them off. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that your body will one day take its shape if you wear it long enough. Be satisfied with fooling strangers when you have it under your clothes instead.



Toning Shoes

Walking is a mild and easy form of exercise, so it’s understandable why people jumped at the opportunity to make it more effective via some toning shoes. But truth is, some studies have proven they actually do nothing to help increase muscle strength and tone, burn more calories or intensify workouts.


Electric Ab Belts

The theory behind electric ab belts sounds seriously impressive. That is, the electric currents make your muscles contract in a similar way that crunches would, except you don’t actually have to move. But the idea is much better than the execution and the belts are actually quite dangerous. You’re literally shocking yourself each time.  



Anything that jiggles and shakes

Anyone remember those Facebook videos of the dumbbells that would shake as you lifted them? Sure, they were funny to look at, but they’re also funny because they don’t really do anything special. They work in the sense that regular dumbbells work, but the vibrating and the gyrating don’t add any extra value to your workout. So stick to the standard on this one.


Sauna Suits

Here’s the thing: sauna suits actually work, but they don’t work for long. It’s a temporary weight loss fix that you’re bound to gain back by the next meal and drink. There’s a reason why boxers use them right before their weigh-ins and that’s because it’s an easy way to get rid of extra water. But once it’s done, it’s just done.



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