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Cycle In Style With These Bike Hacks

If you like biking these tips will make your life easier


Cycling is getting popular, both as a means of commute and as a means of exercise. That means that if you’re one of the people who are starting to get serious about it, these hacks will come in handy, especially if you want to enhance your ride for cheap. Here are a few creative ideas to improve your ride: 


Duct Tape Reserves

Seasoned cyclists know that you can never expect when a bicycle will need repairs. Rather than find yourself stranded or walking your bike all the way back home, tape a moderate roll of duct tape around your bicycle’s frame so that you always have a supply on hand. You can use it to make quick fixes for broken handlebars, pedals, or even tape things to your bike when you don’t have enough carrying space left. 


Brush Twice A Day

One of the most difficult parts of a bike to clean are the chains because of the grease and dirt it tends to collect. Try getting an old toothbrush, or two so you can tape them together like a pair of brushing tongs and use that to clean out your bike chains. Just remember to re-apply a fresh coat of grease right after to keep rust away. 


Roll Out

Too cold or too wet to bike outside? You can still bike at home and you don’t even need to buy an expensive bike trainer or pedal machine. Using a few wooden rollers (or even bamboo!) and a simple wooden frame, you can create a simple bike roller that lets you use your outdoor bike indoors. Be warned: it takes some getting used to.



Honk Honk

You honestly don’t need too many extra accessories to pimp your bike with, but some are crucial for safety such as night lights and a helmet. What’s rarer but could be just as important is a horn for when a single light isn’t enough to catch a car’s attention. There are lots of bike horns for sale in Lazada or other online sites, but one of the most well-designed and reliable ones are the ORP Smart Horn, which comes with a light, volume settings and easy-to-use button.




Spinning Lights

Another safety tip: make sure your bike is visible at night. The number one rule when it comes to road safety is being predictable and that means making sure the cars near you can see where you are and where you’re going. There are lots of bike lights that you can buy online or at sports stores, but if you want a unique and cheap hack, attaching glowsticks to the frame of your bike’s wheels can give your nightly ride a bit of pizzazz. A box of glow sticks should be cheap to come by at a nearby bookstore. 


Headset Swag

Lastly, wear a headset for music, but don’t let it cover your ears. Just have the headset hang around your neck while you blast your music through at a higher-than-normal volume while you can still hear your environment clearly. Is this safe? Well it’s safer than using earphones that can potentially block out sounds, which is dangerous when you accidentally ignore a car horn or a shout. Whatever you prefer, just make sure to keep your eyes and ears open. 

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