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Cute Outfits To Make You Feel Good While Working Out

As they, dress for success—even at the gym!



You might think, ‘Why do I need to look good if I’m going to be sweating it out anyway?’ You know how they say, dress for success? That applies even at the gym. Think of it this way, when you look good, you feel good so you don’t just do good—you do your best. Take it from these social media influencers, looking the part helps you push yourself beyond your limits.


Solenn Heussaff and Lovi Poe


When you say #fitgirls the first thing that comes to mind are Solenn and Lovi. Train harder in neutrals and throw in some compression socks in a similar color to improve blood flow in your legs and for, you know, a badass look.


Check out Lazada for compression stockings options.


Kianna Dy


Perk up your workout with bursts of color and do a la volleyball superstar Kianna Dy. We recommend the season’s colors-of-the-moment: warm reds and bright oranges.


Shop for a similar look at Zalora.


Chappy Callanta


For hardcore workouts, how about different shades of gray? You’ll look legit and handsome, too, just like Chappy.


Get a similar look at Lazada.


Nikko Ramos


Monochrome? Yas please. We’re taking notes from Nikko who’s killing it in cool blue.


Look the part with options from Lazada.


Ida Anduyan


Fashion girls, it’s possible to look comfortable and stylish in and out of the gym. Just look at Ida.


Cop the look with Zalora.


Cha Ocampo


Add cool-girl to your fitness routine by way of a statement cap and unexpected details, like mesh.


Kaila Estrada


For a sleek look at the gym, take some #styleinspo from fit gal Kaila Estrada and turn to all-black.


Shop for more options at  Zalora.


Saab Magalona


Need just a prick of color? Take it from Saab and let your sweatband do the talking.


Choose a style that suits you at Lazada.


Mikael Daez


If you’re fearless like Mikael, wear your colors bright and bold, and in contrasting shades. Temper the look with neutral-colored footwear.


Visit Zalora for similar styles.

Sarah Santiago

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