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Diet Delivery Services You Can Order From in 2021

Your brand new healthy habit, delivered!

An effective, steadfast workout routine can only do so much for your active lifestyle. To complement your current at-home exercise routine—whether it’s yoga, variations of planks or equipment-free workouts—why not add a healthy diet, too?   

Get closer to your 2021 fitness goals with these contact-free diet delivery services in the metro that makes it fun and easy to stay healthy. The full list ahead: 

The Sexy Chef

The Sexy Chef by Chef Barni Alejandro-Rennebeck and Rachel Alejandro is a premier diet and healthy food delivery service based in San Juan. Choose from a variety of plant-based meal plans fit for your lifestyle: Low-Calorie/Low-Carb, Calorie-Controlled or Ketogenic (Low-Carb and High-Fat). Need a recommendation? Why not try a merienda favorite, the Ginataang Bilo-Bilo, for yourself and even for sharing with their selection of family-style trays.

Diet Diva 

As the country’s longest-running, multi-awarded and industry standard meal plan delivery provider, Diet Diva is a go-to for many health aficionados. Don’t know where to start? Try a calorie-counted and portion-controlled Signature Diet Diva Meal Plan for every day of the week. If you’re bulking up, try the high-protein Lean Machine Meal Plan created for an active lifestyle.

Pickle Health Delivery 

A healthy food delivery service offering delicious calorie-controlled and macro-balanced meals designed for success, Pickle Health Delivery will complement your lifestyle, whatever it may be. A go-to for many, the Signature Meal Plan carries delicious, full-flavored meals for those who are new to calorie-counting and find it difficult to stick to the usual diet. Have an active lifestyle and want to get lean and toned? Try the Performance Meal Plan, which features high-protein and low-carbohydrate food.

Take your fitness goals to the next level with these convenient, worry-free delivery services!

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