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The Low-Down On Yoga; There’s More Than Just One Kind

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There are so many fitness trends that have come and gone, but yoga is one of those that have remained a popular option. One of the reasons for this is that while it has its physical benefits, it has just as strong mental and emotional advantages. Another is that there are so many types of yoga to explore that anyone can find something for them.




For the beginner


If you’re looking to take your first dip into yoga, look for a Hatha class. It’s slower moving than the others as each pose is held for a few breaths. You can take your time getting into the right balance and you’ll be able to savor what the poses do to your body.



For the perfectionist


One of the more popular forms of yoga is Asthanga. It’s relatively simple and the poses flow from one to the other easily. The point is to build up one’s body heat and the repetition of the poses is effective. And because the stances follow the exact same order in the class, it will appeal to the perfectionist in you.  



For the movement-obsessed


The pace in Vinyasa yoga is faster than most, so your heart rate is sure to rise. The movements and breaths also link together in a dance-like way, so there’s hardly any time to slow down. The teachers will often even play music so that you can match your movement to the beat.




For the sweat-seeker


The temperature of the room is significantly increased in Hot yoga as the entire point is to make you sweat. You’ll need to breathe in a little deeper during these classes and it can be easy to overexert yourself. So remember to listen to your body a little closer when you’re in that sizzling room.



For the routine-lover


Much like hot, Bikram is held in a heated room. However, it’s  more routine as the practice consists of 26 poses and two breathing exercises. A studio will generally practice the same set of poses, so you’re likely to catch up after two or three classes. But because of the amount of sweat you’re going to release, make sure to hydrate properly.



There are many more types of yoga to explore; all you need to do is to give them a try and see which works best for you, your mind and your body. There’s Yin Yoga, which is meant to penetrate deep into your connective tissues in order to expand your flexibility, as well as Iyengar, which makes use of different props like blocks, ropes and blankets. The options are virtually endless—so go explore.

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