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Eastern Conference Showdown: Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Boston Celtics

Which team will reign supreme in the Eastern Conference?


The 2017 NBA Playoffs are days from kicking off and the race to the championship is a tight and exciting one to watch. Currently, the Cleveland Cavaliers are at the top in the Eastern Conference and the Boston Celtics are at a close second. In a battle that is as close to call as this one, does seeding really matter?



With the current standing of the Eastern teams, Cleveland will be facing off against Miami Heat in their first game of the Playoffs. The Cavs have lost twice to Miami this season and only won once, so the trend does not look good for LeBron James’ new team.


On the other hand, if the Cavs were to lose or give up their top standing, then they would arguably have an easier road to the Championships. If Cleveland settled for the second seed, then they would likely go to court against the Chicago Bulls, a team that they have not had trouble defeating this season. 



Arguably, the Boston Celtic’s current standing at the second seed is a bit of a surprise. As a team without a lot of big players and superstar names, it was difficult to guess how they would do this season. The chemistry between the team was questionable, but fans have been pleasantly surprised. And we think a large part of the reason is Coach Brad Stevens, who is in the running for Coach Of The Year.


As it stands, Boston is set to go up against the Bulls in their first game of the 2017 Playoffs. With a history of two wins and one loss against Chicago, the Celtics might just be on their way to this year’s championship.


There are, however still a few games to watch out for before the Playoffs actually begin. Cleveland will still go against the Atlanta Hawks twice before finishing with a face off against Miami and the Toronto Raptors. Meanwhile, Boston has the Charlotte Hornets, Brooklyn Nets and Milwaukee Bucks to go up against. 



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