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Fitbit HR Inspire Features that Make it Worth the Money - go!
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9 Fitbit HR Inspire Features that Make it Worth the Money

Wearable technology just for you

Staying active these days is more important than ever. Apart from weight loss, regular exercise can do wonders for your overall health. Working out regularly enhances your mobility and helps develop muscle and bone strength. On top of that, exploring different ways to get fit is a great strategy to improve brain health and bond with friends—even through virtual workout hangout sessions. 

Thankfully, today’s tech has made being proactive in our fitness journey easier. Wearable devices like the Fitbit HR Inspire lets you closely track your progress, and it does a great job of motivating you to push yourself further. While it may still not be safe to hit the gym with your friends, Fitbit HR Inspire can be the ideal workout buddy to spur you on.

Why buy a Fitbit?

Fitbit Inspire is packed with advanced features that allow you to monitor how much physical activity you are truly doing. This data can help you optimize your workouts and fitness plans so you can get better results. 

What’s more, the Fitbit HR Inspire is user-friendly—it has an intuitive touchscreen interface that is easy to use even for tech newbies. Measuring 37 x 12.6mm and weighing 20 grams, the Fitbit HR Inspire is sleek and light, making it a perfect companion for your daily activities.  

So, are Fitbits worth the money? More importantly, is it the best wearable technology for you? We’ve listed some of its top features so you can decide for yourself.

Swim Proof design allows swim-tracking capabilities

You can swim in a pool or out on the sea or shower with your Fitbit HR Inspire. It can manage up to 50 meters of water resistance and automatically tracks how long you have been in the water so you can get an accurate assessment of your activity. 

Automatic exercise recognition

There is no need for manual input of your basic exercise activities. Its SmartTrack automatic exercise recognition technology can tell whether you have been running, walking, swimming or biking, and it will log it into the app for you. 

Track steps, distance, active minutes, calories burned

Be inspired to get off your feet and walk or run with its superior step-tracking feature. With the Fitbit Inspire, you can check your distance covered, active minutes and calories burned at a glance. 

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Goal-based exercise modes

One of the most advanced Fitbit Inspire features is its 15+ exercise modes that include biking, running, weight lifting, yoga and more. Set the goals for categories like calories burned, duration and distance. From there, you can view real-time stats and progress. It marks the goals you’ve achieved so you can stay inspired to do more. 

Superb sleep tracking

Being thin and light makes the Fitbit HR Inspire comfortable to wear even in bed. It summarizes your sleep score nightly, which can help you work on your nightly habits if needed. Fitbit HR Inspire also monitors your sleeping stages. While you cannot view all the data on the tracker itself, its accompanying app will display the information about your sleep breakdown (light, deep and REM sleep).

24/7 heart rate tracking 

The Fitbit HR Inspire’s heart rate monitoring capability is in a class of its own. It tracks your heart rate when you exercise and your resting heart rate. It can even recognize your heart rate training zones. It also gives you a clear picture of your cardio fitness level score so you can take care of your heart health accordingly. 

Guided breathing feature

There are days where your stress levels are higher than usual. This tracker gives you personalized guided breathing sessions based on your heart rate, so you can find pause and pockets of peace during trying times. 

Connected GPS

When connected to your phone, you can view your real-time pace and distance on your Fitbit HR Inspire while walking, running or biking.

5 days of battery life

The tracker boasts 5 days of battery life. You can do more without having to worry about constantly charging your device.

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Stats and figures: Where do they go?

Inspire HR continuously tracks a wide variety of stats whenever you have it on. All the data it gathers, such as your heart rate, sleep patterns, distance, activity levels and more, will be automatically synced to its accompanying Fitbit app, so be sure to install it on your smartphone.

The data is analyzed and summarized (sleep score, cardio fitness level score, etc.), and you can check out the insights to help you make informed decisions for your physical health. You can even share your workout progress with friends and family through the app so you can keep each other motivated. 

Stay inspired 

Whip yourself into shape and be healthy by staying active. You won’t always have the natural drive to exercise, but perhaps deciding to buy a Fitbit online, coupled with having killer workout song playlists on loop, can inspire you to stay on track with your fitness goals. 

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