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Fitness Apps That Work For & With You

These are worth sacrificing some storage for


There’s no shame in needing some help, even if it’s from sort of software. Technology is admittedly such a big part of our lives that we should really just take advantage of it. There are thousands of applications out there that are catered to different sections of our lives and fitness is one of the biggest growing markets right now. Below are some of the most effective ones that might help you out.


Sweat With Kayla: Bikini Body Workouts & Exercise

To get beach-body ready, download Sweat with Kayla, which offers everything from weekly exercise recommendations to daily meal plans and a built-in feature for photo comparisons, don’t worry, the photos will be kept private. And you can do the workouts at home, too, because hardly any equipment is required. As an added plus, you’ll get access to an entire group of women who are trying to get fit and confident with you.



Download here for Android and here for iOS.


If you don’t want to work out from a video, but you do need some assistance in scheduling classes, then KFit is for you. It gives users access to various deals in hundreds of gyms and studios, and prioritizes areas near you. Added bonus because it’s kind of like a virtual secretary since it will list down everything you sign up for.

It’s available for Android and iOS. And if you use the GlobeKFit promo code, you'll even get P450 off. Code is valid until June 17 only.

Nike+ Run Club

From its name alone, Nike+ Run Club is targeted at those who want their main source of exercise to be running. It tracks down your achievements and status via GPS, and you can choose what route to run or what location to be in. The genius of it is that it provides a plant to match your certain goals. And if you need some motivation, you can get some from Kevin Hart, Mo Farah and Allyson Felix. 

Get it on Android and iOS.


The Fitbit app is perfect for those of you are motivated by sheer competition because the application connects to your friends and workout groups, who can see your progress every single day. You don’t want to be last? Go out for a run and increase those steps!


Compliment your workout with the Fitbit Alta Fitness Wristband (P6,479), which you can even personalize to your aesthetic. The Fitbit app is available on both Android and iOS.  

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