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Fitness At Home with Bea Fabregas

The radio DJ and events host is coping through working out

Magic 89.9 DJ and events host Bea Fabregas is coping in quarantine, just like the rest of us. While many of us are turning to entertainment, catching up on the last few episodes of It’s Okay to Not Be Okay and listening to the latest Spotify New Music Friday release, she’s finding solace in working out—yes, you heard it right! 

She may be self-isolating at home in her small condo unit but she’s maximizing the space available to do lunges, push-ups and planks to keep her body (and mind) in motion. Committing to a daily routine is beneficial for one’s mental health, but it’s also okay to take breaks once in a while. We’re all learning day by day during these unprecedented times. 

With Lifetech by Globe Postpaid, it’s easier to prioritize one’s fitness journey with the wealth of available resources like online classes and one-on-one coaching sessions with a trainer. You can even balance it out with healthy meals by learning new recipes in the kitchen. 

Where to start? Watch Bea’s workout video below featuring some of her favorite workouts for the past months.

The most important thing you can do now in quarantine is to keep connected. Through Lifetech, you can own and create the life you want with a wealth of experiences online. Learn more here.

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