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Get A Chance To Watch An NBA Game Live in the US

This is the experience of a lifetime!


Get a chance to witness the game you love when you win the ultimate NBA experience: tickets to the NBA, FREE round-trip airfare and hotel accommodations for two. Keep watching winning moments with your NBA LEAGUE PASS and you can be one of the:


  • Six (6) winners of NBA Regular Season Game Tickets
  • Two (2) winners of NBA All-Star Game Tickets
  • Two (2) winners of NBA Finals Game Tickets
  • Two (2) winners of NBA Draft Tickets

Get to feel like an MVP when you win these items from the NBA store and Cloudfone:


  • Official NBA Tees
  • NBA Memorabilia
  • Cloudfone Mobile Devices


Because who doesn’t want to see this?


Or this?


And this, live?


See the complete mechanics here .

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