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Get-fit Tips That Work From A Celebrity Fitness Trainer

Because she redefined what #mombod means


So how’s that #fitnessgoals resolution coming along? Don’t worry us, too. But don’t feel bad. Not all hope is lost because it’s never too late to shape up—even if you’re a mom with two kids. Just look at the feed of celebrity fitness trainer Kat Garcia-Geronimo (@bodybymamakat). Even better, we’ve asked the certified functional and core specialist for some no-brainer fitness tips. There’s still hope for that #laboracay bod after all.


Who is Kat Garcia-Geronimo?

Kat, also known as Mama Kat, has been a fitness trainer for 3 years. Her A-list clientele includes Anne and Jasmine Curtis, Bettina Carlos, Megan Young, Jessy Mendiola, Camille Prats, Danica Sotto and Lucy Torres-Gomez. She offers distant training and as mentioned previously, is a Nestea/IFPA functional and core specialist. 


On losing weight and starting one's fitness routine

“I can recommend any type of interval cardio training for at least 30 minutes a day and suggest fasted cardio in the morning because this taps the stored fat and increases metabolism more.”


On no-brainer fitness hacks

While there are no shortcuts in fitness, Mama Kat shares, “Focus more on nutrition like snacking on fat burning food rather than killing yourself in the gym...Remember its always 80% nutrition and just 20% training as support.”


On staying motivated

“Make training a part of your daily routine. If you have time to social media, you definitely have time to train (we’re all guilty as charged Mama Kat!). Browse and follow fitness pages and fitness icons you can relate to. Prioritize that over irrelevant things. Love and nourish yourself so your loved ones can enjoy time with you more.”


Getting abs like these is just a plus.


Interested to train with Mama Kat? Sign up for her bootcamp series at Kerry Sports Shangri-La Hotel every Saturday at 5PM until March 18, 2017.

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