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Globe/ For The Win: Your Go-to for Everything Sports

Get ready to ball with /ForTheWin

We’re well into the seventh month of lockdown and fast approaching the holidays. With the elusive finish line nowhere to be found, we’re getting more restless as each day passes. You’ve probably rewatched The Last Dance for the third time and have scrolled for real-time updates from your favorite sports team in the last hour or so. If you’re the active type, you’ve likely perfected your at-home workout and maybe even use everyday household items as alternatives for expensive gym equipment. 

It’s a new world out there, and we’ve created more reason to make your lockdown experience more entertaining. Introducing Globe’s official home court for everything sports: Globe /ForTheWin

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Whether you need that motivation to get out of your bed and do a quick workout, need updates on the next season of UAAP or even relive your most cherished moments in history with your all-time favorite star players, it’s all here. 

This is a safe space to geek out about anything and everything related to sports—in fact, we highly encourage it.

Get ready to ball with Globe /ForTheWin. Don’t miss out on the latest sports updates, and make sure to follow on Instagram and Twitter.

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