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Why Having A Strong Grip Can Save Your Life

How long you live is in your hands—literally


Many fitness enthusiasts forget the importance of have a strong grip and focus more on common (or flauntable) areas of the body, like arms, abs and legs. Little did we all know, grip strength is critical in life, from sports to everyday activities, and can also be a telltale sign of one’s mortality. So, it’s not just the Ultimate Beast Masters that need to get a better, stronger grip; we all do.


It's crucial in most sports and daily activities.

Grip strength is important in sports like basketball, gymnastics, wrestling and other activities that require using your hands. Even in the most mundane tasks, it’s crucial, i.e., carrying the groceries or one’s luggage, or opening a jar.


Grip can be an important indicator of overall health.

According to the Journal of Strength and Condition Research, grip strength is an indicator of muscular endurance and overall strength. Sure, you can carry a heavy object, but how long until you’re completely worn out?


A strong grip means lower chances of heart attack and stroke.

People with a firm and strong handshake are likely to live longer because they are less prone to getting heart-related diseases. Aim for strong, not slim and condition your grip for endurance, mobility and strength. It could save you life one day.



So... how do you develop your grip strength?

For starters, you can try holding a dumbbell—use a deadlift or lift something off the ground to your hips and back—for as long as you can. No dumbbells in the house? Pick up heavy objects or carry your own bags after grocery shopping (also called Farmer’s carry).


Ready to up your grip game? Do a dead hang and hang from a pull-up bar for as long as you can with your arms straight. You can also do this on monkey bars if there’s a playground near your area.


To really make the most out of your workout, get busy to the tunes paying from your Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A1, which is as powerful as it is small and hassle-free. You can also attach the Upgrip Phone Strap to your smartphone to make sure that your device is as secure as your own grip.



Good luck!

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