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Home Gym: 5 Equipment You Can Invest In - go!
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Home Gym: 5 Equipment You Can Invest In

Make working out at home fun with these easy-to-use (and purchase!) gear

With the Enhanced Community Quarantine set in place this week and a long, dreaded wait until we can finally head to our neighborhood 24/7 gyms, working out at home seems like the most feasible (and safest!) option for our present circumstances. It’s not all bad since we have control of our time, and there’s less temptation to laze around since we can just take out our exercise mats and follow through any time of the day—not to mention there's no gym membership necessary! 

Let your living room be your personal sanctuary as you strive to fulfill your fitness goals this 2021! If you’re not too keen on equipment-free workouts, here are some equipment you can purchase online for your holistic well-being (see: mental health). 

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Yoga Mat 

Yoga Mat

A sturdy and slip-free exercise mat is the most basic of equipment; it definitely makes home workouts feasible. With the right amount of support and cushioning, it makes your 10 to 45 minutes worth of exercise all the more enjoyable, many thanks, too, to trendy YouTube instructors like Maddie Lymburner of Madfit and Heather Robertson. You can have fun with all these vivid colors as well; just mix and match to your heart’s desires! 

Shop the Pido Yoga Mat on Shopee here

Yoga Fitness Rope

Yoga Fitness Rope

New to yoga? Make these elastic yoga bands your go-to for your home workouts. These portable bands come in a range of sizes and tension levels, which work well for various levels of athletic ability. It can even be used for other kinds of daily exercises. It’s friendly for beginners and pros, too! 

Shop the MOVING PEACH Elastic Yoga Fitness Rope on Shopee here

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Pilates Circle 

Pilate Circles

For fans of Pilates, the Pilates Circle can be placed between the hands to work out your upper body or placed between the thighs for an effective ab workout. It delivers quick results for a toned body and even helps with better posture. 

Shop the MOVING PEACH Pilates Circle on Shopee here

Skipping Rope

Skipping Rope

Who says that skipping rope should be left to children? Upgrade your cardio game with a rope, and you’ll be shedding pounds in no time. This wire rope is coated in PVC for a smooth rotation and even has foam-coated handles for extra grip comfort.

Shop the Fuyogi Training Fitness Skipping Rope on Shopee here

Abdominal Wheel Fitness Roller 

Ab Roller

Perform ab workouts with ease with an abdominal wheel fitness roller. It’s a good tool, which focuses on lower body muscles including your hips and thighs. Spruce up your at-home YouTube workouts with this affordable equipment for abdominal and lower body workouts. 

Shop the Fuyogi Abdominal Wheel Fitness Roller on Shopee here

Make working out at home fun with these easy-to-use (and purchase!) gear, and even add some color to your space. Take a few minutes from your daily routine to be active and you won’t just feel a change in your body, but in your disposition as well! 

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