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How To Train Like An Ultimate Beastmaster

Take cues from Sylvester Stallone’s new reality show



Netflix’s Ultimate Beastmaster, which is executively produced by Sylvester Stallone, puts the best of the best athletes against one another in a race to the finish line. In order to get there, the participants must go through and complete certain obstacle courses that are as trying as they are difficult.


The obstacles, which range from crossing parallel bars to jumping to and from different leveled platforms, is difficult and caters to certain skills. And while we may never be as chiseled and fit as the amazing individuals that have made it to the show, there are ways to become an Ultimate Beastmaster in our own right.





Rock climbing

Grip and strength are incredibly important parts of the show, and no one stands a chance of finishing without honing their skills in these fields. Almost no other workout will train you better than rock climbing.


Moreover, rock climbing actually works out most, if not all, of your muscles and will even improve your hand-eye coordination. It helps with your balance, control, flexibility and endurance. Seriously, the fear of falling down (even with that rope) will push you to keep going. 





Body weight training

A lot of the Ultimate Beastmaster stages require that competitors be able to carry their own weight. Whether it’s because they have to lift themselves up or hoist themselves from one platform to the next, there is literally nowhere to go if you can’t do a series of pull ups, chin ups and candlesticks.


Pull ups and chin ups are standard exercises, and only differ based on hand placement. Pull ups are when your hands are facing away from you, while chin ups are when your hands are facing towards you. Both help with strength and develops biceps and back muscles. 





On the other hand, candlesticks work on your quads, abs and glutes. And if you’re sick of these, you should also try your hand at kneeling jump squats, pistol squats and piston squat rolls with jumps. 





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