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Isaiah Thomas Proves Size Does Not Matter

Giving us shorties someone to look up to


Isaiah Thomas is one of the most popular players in the NBA. And despite what some would consider as genetic shortcomings, he has put up some impressive numbers in the league. This season has been particularly stellar for the 5-year veteran as he has helped keep the Celtics in the running for the championship. Thomas is, without a doubt, one of the players you want on the floor at the 4th quarter.


He stands at 5 feet 9 inches, which is tall for us regular folk. Thomas does, however, dwarf in comparison to some of his teammates and league competitors. Nevertheless, his currents season stats can rival even the tallest NBA players. For this season, he has played 34.3 minutes per game, averaging or hitting 38.3 percent from the 3-point line and is averaging 29.5 points per game. And he has, time and time again, proven that size does not matter.


Proof? We got it for you.


Isaiah Thomas' First All-star Appearance

Thomas scored his first All-Star appearance in 2016 at Toronto, which was not just a testament to his skill, but to his overall career as well. He went from a starter with the Kings, to a bench player with the Suns, to finally rise as one of the premier point guards of the NBA.


The Shot That Beat The Atlantic Hawks

Earlier in January, Thomas waved off coach Brad Stevens’ call for a timeout in the last 15 seconds of a tied game against the Hawks. With a step-back jumper and just two seconds left on the clock, Thomas scored the winning basket.



Destroying the Golden State Wariors' Home Winning Streak

For a while, it had seemed that no one could beat the Warriors at their home turf. But Thomas, with a newly revamped Celtics team, went out to prove the public wrong. Thomas scored 22 points in that game, including a shot near the end of the game that forced his opponents to attempt—and miss—a three point shot. That game broke the Warriors’ 54 home streak.


20 Points In the Fourth Quater Against The Washington Wizads

On January 11, Thomas solidified his standing as King of the Fourth when he rained on the Wizards. In that fourth quarter alone, he scored an amazing 20 points.



Thomas and the rest of the Celtics team still have the rest of the league to look forward to. They're currently ranked second in the NBA, closely trailing behind the Cleveland Cavaliers. 


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