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Keeping Your Holiday Weight Gain Low

Don’t start 2017 with a hibernation belly by avoiding excessive holiday weight gain


With Christmas and the holiday season come a lot of great things like Christmas ham, lechon and Christmas-y desserts. The cost: that precious figure you worked all of 2016 to achieve. If you want to keep those pounds off but still enjoy your family’s holiday bounty, we’ve got some tips for you.


Pre-Game Your Noche Buena Feast

A common practice for families to prep their tummies for Christmas eve feast is to skip dinner—maybe go to mass first, then eat as one at midnight. The problem with this is that it encourages eating all that delicious food in one go, which isn’t an efficient use of your metabolism and tends to convert into more fat and weight gain. The trick is to eat a light dinner at the very least, so that you’re not ravenous come midnight. If this means there’ll be a lot of leftovers, worry not! That just means you’ll still have enough food for the rest of the break.


Slow Down On The Candy Cane

What with gift baskets and random pasalubong in abundance, your home is likely to have no shortage of sweets this Christmas. From candies, to imported chocolates, to cakes and gallons of leftover ice cream, all that sugar is going to cause some serious holiday weight gain. There’s no problem breaking these out for dessert but when you’re snacking on sweets all day long, you’re bound to gain poundage. Worry not, however, when you decide to abstain from sweets: Your bounty won’t go to waste. When work and school starts again, you’ll be glad you saved up some mid-week treats.


Bond Over Something Other Than Food

Ours is a very food-loving culture and much of our social interactions revolve around mealtime, especially when it comes to family Christmas parties. It doesn’t have to be this way, though, especially when you’re only eating for the sake of having something to do as you catch up with far-flung titas and titos. Why not try solving a 1000+ piece jigsaw puzzle as a family or watching a Netflix Christmas special marathon as you gab away? Remember, the meal is sometimes only incidental—the real bonding is just in being together.


No Vacation From Exercise

When work ends for the year and we get ready to just relax for the holidays, we tend to let go of other good habits, too. Foremost among these is exercise. While the temptation to simply let all responsibility go with the end of the year is certainly enticing, remember that you’re also starting a new year and you’ll want to start it right. That means keeping your exercise schedule going even when you’re already back in the province or it’s too cold to jog (indoor jump rope anyone?). What’s a New year’s resolution without resolve after after all?

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