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Kiev Major: Meet The Qualifiers

Learn why these battles will be some of the best ones yet

The Kiev Major is the second major DOTA 2 tournament of the year, so you know there are a lot of eyes on the 16 teams that have made it thus far—eight invited teams and eight qualifiers from their respective regions. If you know anything about them, you know that we’re all in for some exciting battles.

Invictus Gaming vs. mousesports

Some people have said that Invictus Gaming’s BurNing, who use to be the game’s top carry, is making a resurgence this year after some time away from the limelight. On the other hand, the newly rebranded mousesports, representing Greece, is thirsty for victory. They finished second place at Boston Major 2016-2017.

Team Liquid vs. Newbee

Team Liquid is arguably made of some of the most skilled DOTA 2 players, largely due to the fact that two of their members have 9k MMRs—Miracle—and MATUMBAMAN. Newbee, meanwhile, placed third in the last DAC tournament, led by KaKa and another talented mid-player, SCCC. 

Digital Chaos vs. Team VGJ

Abed, a popular Filipino player, was recently acquired by Digital Chaos after the team rebranded from Team Onyx. Another well-known player is Demon, as well as their captain DuBu. Team VGJ is likely looking for vengeance after their disappointing DAC finish. They were led by Fenrir and FY who are arguably the best support duo in the game. vs. IG Vitality

Coming out of an upset during the Boston Major earlier this year, where they were eliminated in the first round after sweeping the group stage, is going for the championship. Meanwhile, IG Vitality is looking to prove themselves in the major, as many have discarded them as merely the second team of Invictus Gaming.

TNC Pro Team vs. Team Faceless

Raven from the TNC Pro Team has set the record for the most kills in any Valve event ever, so you know that the Pinoy team has some hard hitters on its side. To counter this, Team Faceless is led by DOTA 2 veteran, iceiceice, who is sure to have some tricks up his sleeve.

OG vs. Team Random

Reeling from their win at the Boston Majors and another two (out of three) last year, OG is ready to sweep this year’s major events. With Fly and NoTail at the helm, the team will definitely give the other competitors a difficult time. But they do have a tough challenger in Team Random, which is made up of the members of the previous Wings Gaming—the winner of last year’s The International.

Team Secret vs. SG e-sports

Coming from an unexpected series of wins from the Group Stage, Team Secret is out to prove that they aren’t a team of pushovers and can hold their own on the stage. Captain Puppey has made it to the TI grand finals three times, and his experience is going to work to the team’s advantage. Being the only team to qualify from South America, SG e-sports is arguably the biggest underdog. They’re looking to gain some experience and turn their low Group Stage standing around.

Thunderbirds vs. Evil Geniuses

Originally from Digital Chaos, the members of Thunderbirds know what it’s like to place in tournaments. With experience and captain MiSeRy on their side, the team is likely to get another taste, especially after their runner-up position at The International 6. Hailing form America, Evil Geniuses has a reputation to uphold. The five elite players have a lot of pressure on them and they’re thirsty for a first place finish.

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