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LeBron James Goes To The Lakers & Other Big Moves

We’re in for a colorful NBA Season 2018-2019

The Golden State Warriors may have just won their third NBA Championship rings in the last four years, but right now, everyone’s ears and eyes are out for the moves and trades that are happening in the off season. There are some big names being thrown around, which is sure to make for a colorful NBA Season 2018-2019.

LeBron James signs with the LA Lakers

After four great years with the Cleveland Cavaliers, including four championship matchups and one championship ring, King James has officially signed with the LA Lakers. The four-year, US$154 million deal means that LeBron will be 37-years-old by the time he becomes the contract is finished—which is a respectable age to officially resign from the NBA.

It goes without saying that the Lakers are coming into season 2018-2019 with one of the biggest names in the league. After all, after all is said and done, LeBron is still a 4-time NBA MVP, a 3-time NBA champion, a 3-time NBA Finals MVP and has made a total of eight NBA Finals appearances in his 14 seasons-long career.

The news broke out just earlier this week and has ended months of speculation after LeBron officially became a free agent on July 1. The choice may be a surprise for some, but considering how much the King has invested (businesses, homes and his children’s school applications), it does make personal sense. As for whether or not his championship chances are better with the Lakers, we can only guess at this point.

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Trevor Ariza makes his move to the Phoenix Suns

Another big move that everyone can’t seem to stop talking about is Trevor Ariza’s transfer to from the Houston Rockets to the Phoenix Suns. The contract as it stands is only good for one year and will get Ariza some U$15 million.

Ariza played 67 games for the Rockets last season and averaged 11.7 points and at 33-years-old, he’s likely to be a notable veteran force for the Suns. Perhaps the new chemistry will help Ariza hit bigger numbers, as he was 0 out of 12 on the field in the Rocket’s last game against the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals.

Paul George’s 4-year contract with OKC

Many had considered Paul George’s trade to the Thunders a risky one—both for him and for the franchise. But the last season clearly did well for the small forward as news circled about his re-contract with OKC.

In a private party held by Russell Westbrook, George took the mic and plainly said, “I’m here to stay.”

Now the Thunders have a superstar duo locked up for the long term at what is arguably the prime of their careers.

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Meanwhile, Kevin Durant and Chris Paul have chosen to stay with the Golden State Warrior and the Houston Rockets repectively. Hey, why fix what isn’t broken, right?

Nothing, of course, is set in stone just yet as the NBA free agents and trades have only just begun. What is certain, however, is that basketball fans all around the world should start gearing up for what will be a colorful 2018-2019 season. 

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Words Adie Pieraz

Art Alex Lara

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