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LeBron James: A Beast That Just Won’t Stop

It’s been a colorful year and an amazing career so far
With a history as colorful and as watched as the NBA’s, there really is no wonder why some players have solidified themselves not only in the league but in the general international stage as well. The likes of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant made the jump from the court and onto mainstream pop culture.
And LeBron James? Even the most NBA-illiterate person knows who he is. 


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The separation of Kyrie Irving and LeBron James

Before NBA 2017 – 2018 began, the world was shocked to learn that one Kyrie Irving was leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers (and LeBron) for the Boston Celtics. The two had some great runs together and, along with Kevin Love, were the reason why Cleveland dominated the East so fiercely. There were questions about why Irving would ever choose to leave King James, but it there was also the more important question of: How would the Cavs fair without one of their key players?
A necessary comeback

The start of the season proved the new lineup—with its new additions and still-controversial missing links—took its toll on the team. The Cavs experienced a four-game losing streak, which was a career first for LeBron that we never thought we’d see. But who else could bring that losing streak, turn it a full-180 and come to the other side almost unscratched? LeBron James.
What followed that infamous four-game losing streak was an insane 13-game winning streak. And while they might not be top seed in the Eastern Conference right now, they are a close third. With so many more games until the Playoffs, you just know LeBron isn’t going to let his team slow down now.



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A mentor to Lonzo Ball

Earlier this month, rookie Lonzo Ball shared the court with his NBA idol. He and LeBron had never talked before the game, but it was clear to anyone that watched the game that there was something going on between the two. It would seem that while Lonzo had his eye out on LeBron, LeBron has also been keeping an eye on Lonzo.
“I know everything he’s going through. So, of course I can relate,” USA Today quoted LeBron. “[Lonzo’s] someone you want to play with. This is a team game. Everyone gets so caught up in this whole individual thing and it’s—the whole team game gets overlooked.”
Many have since questioned whether or not LeBron is mentoring the rookie. And in true-to-him fashion, LeBron said it was no one else’s business. Lonzo also refused to reveal what the veteran player told him on court.



Is LeBron going to be MVP?

By all means, LeBron has all the makings of an MVP. Despite his fifteenth year in the league, the man is virtually impossible—in virtually all aspects of the sport. He is an unbelievable scorer, is arguably one of the best passers, is definitely one-hell-of-a defender and is constantly observing and learning everything there is to know about basketball.

LeBron has won the MVP Award a total of four times—in 2009, 2010, 2012 and in 2013. It’s an awe-inspiring number, but it isn’t record-breaking. And with the amount of power, speed and dedication that King James still has in him, who would be surprised if he claimed the title again this season? No one.




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