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Is The NBA 2017 Finals Over? Here’s What You Missed

It’s not over yet. Or is it?


As many had expected, the Finals saw two super teams go head to head once again. The Cleveland Cavaliers, the reigning kings of the east, and the Golden State Warriors, the top dogs of the west, are facing off in the Finals for a third season.

Can the defending champs hold on to their title or will the Warriors come out the victors this year? All we know is that as Golden State sweeps Game 3, it looks like the season’s almost over—unless it isn’t.


In any case, here’s what you missed.


Game 1

LeBron James may have led the Cavs with 28 points, 15 rebounds and 8 assists in Game 1, but Kevin Durant scored a game-high 38 points for the Warriors who dominated with a 113-91 victory.



Game 2

Golden State head coach Steve Kerr returns after 2 months of absence due to complications of his back surgery and was present for Game 2. Meanwhile, even with Cavs mighty efforts, Kevin Love’s 27 points and LeBron James 29 points, Golden State still won the game thanks to its lead scorer, KD. 



Game 3

Perhaps the most talked about game of the season, Game 3 started with Cleveland taking the lead. LeBron James, with 39 points, 11 rebounds and 9 assists, and Kyrie Irving with a whopping 38 points, had a monster game for the Cavs. But with Steph Curry and Kevin Durant’s power pairing (and the latter’s 3-pointer late in the fourth quarter) plus a Klay Thompson shooting from behind the 3-point arc, Golden State beats Cleveland, 118-113.




Globe ambassadors capture moments from their NBA Finals Game 3 experience



The Warriors lead 3-0 and are just one win away from their second title in 3 years. The series might as well be over, but then throwback to 2016. Cleveland beat Golden State, giving them their first championship since 1964. Knowing what we know, no lead is safe, not when you have two super teams like the Cavs and the Warriors. So anything, even the most unlikely thing can happen.



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