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Meet NBA Rookie Of The Year Malcolm Brogdon

We guarantee you’ll be hearing the name more often



Malcolm Brogdon was not a name to watch out for at the beginning of NBA Season 2016-2017. But as he continued to set foot on the court, his talent was suddenly undeniable—not by his audience, his team or the league.


An unassuming beginning.

During the 2016 draft, the NBA teams were not itching to get their hands on Brogdon. In fact, he was the 36th pick. Almost two dozen teams passed on the 6’4’’ University of Virginia graduate, with several teams making the same mistake twice. It wasn’t like when LeBron James and Kevin Durant were dipping their feet in the league.


It wasn’t until the second round of the Draft that Brogdon’s name was called for the Milwaukee Bucks. And, to put it humbly, he’s been paying them back for their faith in him ever since.



Putting in the time and the numbers.

Brogdon has arguably outdone every player that was chosen before him. He may not have punched in numbers as high as his fellow-awardees, but there’s no going around how much he’s done for the Bucks. He averaged 10.2 points and 4.2 assists per game. He’s also been hitting above 40 percent of his shots from beyond the paint.


From his draft class, Brogdon is one of only two players that have averaged more than 20 minutes per game for a playoff team.


A rising star.

Milwaukee head coach Jason Kidd spoke to Charles F. Gardner of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to explain why he believed Brogdon deserved to be named the NBA Rookie of the Year. “He’s a student of the game,” said Kidd. “He works extremely hard, not just on the court butt off the court, studying film and asking questions.”




It does not look like Brogdon has reached his full potential yet. The young player has more to learn and his eagerness to master the sport is clear. With Brogdon’s rising star meshed together with Giannis Antetokounmpo, Jabari Parker and Khris Middleton’s scoring, the Milwaukee Bucks is only getting stronger.



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