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Out-Of-The-Box Fitness Activities to Help You Work on That Summer Bod - go!
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Out-Of-The-Box Fitness Activities to Help You Work on That Summer Bod

Beyond the regular gym: take your pick from these alternative workouts

With the possibility that COVID-19 restrictions once again ease up, public establishments might soon get ready to open their doors. Included in these establishments are gyms and workout studios. Will this happen before summer hits? We’ll just have to wait and see. 

While fitness enthusiasts know that achieving a beach bod entails consistent work, getting fit doesn’t mean sticking to a single program or gym. Trying out new and different physical activities is a fun way to maintain momentum and keep you interested in seeing your fitness journey through. 

What else is worth trying out if regular gym time just hasn’t been cutting it for you? We come ready with recommendations. Scroll through for the out-of-the-box fitness activities to explore. Do this in person once it’s safe, but also check out if online packages are available right now.

808 Studio

A studio worth trying if you’re up for dancing the calories away. This is Manila’s first boutique dance fitness studio that offers “power-packed dance cardio parties with exclusive DJ mixes.” At 808 Studio, workouts are all about making fitness fun, liberating, and empowering through dance. For an at-home workout with 808, join their Zoom sessions by signing up for a pass or package on their website.


Created for “undercover athletes,” Perigon is a rhythmic indoor cycling studio where you can clear your mind as you tone and strengthen your body. Their motto reads: “Inspiring habit—for good. Empowering you online and in our Manila studio.” The studio also offers off-bike workouts that you can stream and follow on YouTube.

The Bouldering Hive

Up for a more unconventional challenge? Add bouldering to your to-do list. At the Bouldering Hive, you can get your daily dose of adventure, meet new friends, and test your mind and body by solving complex problems. Bouldering Hive is the first and only bouldering gym in the Philippines that allows you to discover your body’s limits and conquer those boundaries.

Pretty Huge Obstacles

At Pretty Huge Obstacles, level up your workouts and condition your body for maximum performance. Think of this as a fitness-meets-jungle gym experience. In Southeast Asia’s largest indoor obstacle training facility, you can work with a team and expert coaches to bring out the best ninja in you.

Manila Kendo Club

Who said swords were only for samurais, knights and heroes? At Manila Kendo Club, immerse yourself in the practice of Kendo, the Japanese martial art that doubles as an anaerobic and aerobic exercise. Here, you use bamboo swords for sparring with your partner. An afternoon at Manila Kendo Club guarantees a fantastic cardiovascular workout that also keeps you sharp.

Ultra Lagree

By combining intense cardio with low-impact strength training, you get the best of both worlds at Ultra Lagree. This studio’s main highlight is the signature Ultra Lagree 45-minute class, which is a full-body workout that combines cardio with weight and strength training on the Megaformer machine. Challenge and awaken your muscles in all the right ways.

Polecats Manila 

Here’s something a little slower-paced but does not hold back on intensity. At Polecats Manila, you get to tone your body and improve overall coordination. Of course, the most exciting thing about this gym alternative is being able to showcase grace, daring and athleticism.

Looking around for more workout options? You can always get your exercise by following a fitness video series at home; take your pick from content by local and international fitness gurus. Not all fitness goals require a gym!

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