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Plank Workout Variations to Try This Summer - go!
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Plank Workout Variations to Try This Summer

Here’s how to celebrate your love-hate relationship

Fitness trends and viral challenges will come and go, but classic workouts like the plank will always be around. It’s worth noting that there’s more to this exercise than improving core strength. This single move works multiple muscle groups all at once and can help with overall toning and strength-building. 

“The versatility and accessibility [of the plank] makes it one of the most incredible, well-rounded core exercises,” celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels once told Insider. So, no gym? No problem. And when it comes to the plank, no equipment necessary. 

There are also countless ways to switch up the plank so you get a sense of variety in your workout. Ahead, we round up just some of the moves worth trying—beginner-friendly and advanced options included.

Planks for Beginners with Dr. LA Thoma Gustin

Learn five fool-proof plank exercises: 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off, 10 minutes total.

Chloe Ting’s 28-Day Plank Workout

A full-body workout that only takes 10 minutes a day. Get better—and leaner—with time.

Seven Plank Variations with Brittne Babe

Here are key moves you can incorporate into your existing routine. Do as many as you can in 20 seconds.

The Intense Five-Minute Plank Challenge

No longer a fitness beginner? The circuit by Fraser Wilson might just be for you.

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