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All the Reasons You Should Sign up for HomeCourt

It’s a savvy new way to train that brings together shot-tracking, dribble workouts, interactive drills and more

With the pandemic disrupting the world of sports, there’s got to be a basketball-shaped hole in the hearts of NBA fans everywhere. Still, there are ways this community of sports fans can come together. And HomeCourt is here to heed that call. 

An AI-powered live action sports experience, this app is designed to change the way you train forever—helping everyone play together, even when apart.

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“I wish I had technology like HomeCourt when I was learning how to play,” said two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash. “As professional basketball players, we know how important it is to have the best training tools and basketball knowledge to fully develop your game. We are excited to help the next generation of Filipino basketball players reach their potential with HomeCourt.”

In the country, Globe is the first-ever to make HomeCourt available to Filipinos. “We are incredibly proud to be Globe’s exclusive partner in expanding HomeCourt’s presence in the Philippines,” said David Lee, Co-Founder and CEO of NEX Team. “We share Globe’s commitment to enrich the lives of Filipinos, and our partnership now brings HomeCourt into the palm of every Filipino’s hands⁠—helping everyone stay active and healthy while having a lot of fun, even when at home.”

In an instant, HomeCourt turns your iOS device into a sports training assistant, even incorporating features that turn your experience into a live action video game. HomeCourt is a place where you can “train smarter, develop your skills, and showcase your potential.”

Train Smarter

HomeCourt comes with a library of fun, interactive, guided workouts featuring NBA legends and pro athletes. “HomeCourt leverages advanced computer vision technology to track your movement and mechanics in real-time, everything from your jump shot to your crossover,” says its developers. “Audio feedback and voice coaching makes the experience even more immersive.”

To complete this experience, you get access to an in-depth look at your performance plus analytics that give you a rundown of each workout done. 

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Develop your Skills

Part of your journey, of course, is getting better with time. So HomeCourt is here to track that as well. “Developed in collaboration with the NBA,
 the HomeCourt skill rating system combines results from multiple workouts to provide a complete view—factoring in elements like speed, accuracy, and consistency,” says Team HomeCourt. “[Its] skill ratings gives you a more well-rounded view of your skills, so you know what you need to work on to improve.”

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Showcase your Potential

Getting you back in touch with the same basketball-loving community you’ve known and loved, the progress made on HomeCourt can be shared not only with other app users but even the NBA as well. Here’s yet another cool feature: users who join the NBA Global Scout via the app can score invitations to some NBA tryouts, camps, tournaments, and showcases.

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HomeCourt is an exciting new way to train. Try out interactive drills developed and taught by pro athletes from the NBA, WNBA, and more when you get the HomeCourt app with Globe Postpaid. Get your free 3-month access to HomeCourt via the Globe Rewards app or click here to learn about the other ways you can use your Rewards.

HomeCourt is compatible only with iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch devices on iOS 12 and up. Download it on the App Store and get more information, tap here. Still can't get enough? Watch out for the Globe Postpaid Lifesmith x SLAM sessions

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