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Reasons Why You Should Like Kevin Durant Even If You're Not a Basketball Fan

On and off the court, he’s one of the nicest guys around 



Kevin Durant is not exactly the most talked about basketball player. For non-fans, hot-button topics are usually Bryant, Jordan, or Lebron. But Durant deserves a little more credit than what he's given. Besides, he’s only less of a personality because he doesn’t make as many off-court headlines. KD’s a simple quiet guy who'll score 54 points in a game and be mum about it. And because it's his birthday, we thought we’d shed a little light on why Durantula is an awesome role model.

He’s a momma’s boy—in a good way!

There’s nothing cuter than a 6’9, 240-pound dude that has a soft spot for his momma, Wanda Pratt. Kevin has famously called her “The Real MVP” of his basketball career. He frequently thanks his mom during interviews and recounts stories of how her constant encouragement kept him from giving up on basketball. She made him do extra push ups before sleeping, told him it was okay his high school teammates didn’t pass him the ball and made sure he always went over and beyond what he was capable of. Mama Durant is Kevin’s first and biggest fan, and he makes sure never to do anything that would disappoint her. Aww.

Photo via USA Today

He’s got a heart for charity

We love a guy who never forgets his roots. Kevin started his NBA career in Seattle when he was only 19 years old. Even though he’s playing for the Golden State Warriors, he hasn’t forgotten his roots. He gave a completely renovated basketball court to the Boys and Girls Club of Seattle—a product of his initiative “Built It and They Will Ball.” It’s a both a mindful and thoughtful as it will help keep kids who might otherwise stray to follow in Kevin’s footsteps instead.

Photo via Forbes

He's a legit fitspiration

Anyone who’s been trampled by this 240-pound lean muscle machine as he goes for a cut underneath the basket would probably find it hard to believe that KD was once a skinny kid. Back in 2008, he was the only prospect at pre-draft who couldn’t bench 185-pounds. And so he was nicknamed Durantula because his arms were so thin. In 2007, the baller was 212 pounds but slowly bulked up to 223 in 2009 and 237 by 2013. Durant absolutely hated doing weights so he found other alternatives, like paddle boarding and cycling to almost all his destinations in the cities he tours. KD has finally made it to 242 pounds this year thanks to proper diet (no junk food!) and going to the gym complemented with other physical activities.

Photo via Total Pro Sports

Kevin Durant doesn’t just have the skills of a champion, but the heart of one, too and that counts for a lot. Happy birthday, KD!

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