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Self-Care Apps That Can Help You Get Through Tough Days

When life is just too much and you just can’t
We all have days when we feel like, for the lack of a better word, shit; days when you feel unsure of yourself or a little more insecure than usual. Chock it up to the time of the month—trivia: which both men and women have—one misfortune after the other (Murphy’s Law, mercury on retrograde, etc.) or hormonal imbalance that you should really consider getting checked if it’s the case. But sometimes, not even our most trusted confidant or a bowl of ice cream could help lift our mood. So what else can you do?
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Keep calm and try these apps or visit these websites:

1 Daily Yoga - Yoga Fitness Plan


What’s great about daily Yoga is that it’s made for beginners and advanced practitioners. Guided sessions are also created and organized according to one’s goal, requirement, or target area, i.e., Yoga for Moms, Yoga for Stress Relief, etc. In a hurry? You can view and select sessions according to duration, too, 0 – 10 minutes, 10 – 20 minutes and so on. But if moving or getting into poses alone don’t help clear your mind, try their meditation exercises or sign up for the app’s Mindfulness Everyday challenge (you’ll need to pay for this one), which is a combination of Yoga and meditation.
Download for iOs or Android .

2 Stop, Breathe & Think


Stop, Breathe, Think is a meditation and mindfulness app that helps you check in with your emotions anytime, anywhere. It encourages users to think about how they feel physically and emotionally, and recommends short guided meditations, yoga and acupressure exercises based on what you need at that exact moment.
Because sometimes all it takes is for you to just pause for a few minutes to find peace of mind.
Download for iOs or Android . You may also visit their website to learn more .



An interactive self-care guide, this link is made for people who struggle with self-care or those just feeling a little overwhelmed with life. It starts by asking the most basic of questions, like ‘have you eaten in the last four hours?’—and does so without judgment—and goes on with further questions about one’s physical, emotional and mental state. Going through the whole thing takes about an hour or more, depending on your answers. But the point of this routine is to let you know that you are important and that you need to devote some time to check in with yourself from time to time.
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4 Calm


Calm is an app that helps reduce anxiety, improve one’s quality of sleep as well as one's disposition. Navigate through the app and choose which activity suits your current need. Feeling overwhelmed? Learn to meditate or use breathing exercises to relax the mind and body. Tired? Get more restful sleep by listening to sleep music or stories. There’s also a Calm Masterclass that can help you finally break that bad habit.
So give in  and give yourself the gift of Calm.
Download for iOs or Android . You may also visit their website to learn more.
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5 Unfuck Your Habitat



Unfuck Your Habitat is on the more out-there end of the spectrum and is made specifically for “lazy people with messy homes” and more. So when life happens and you literally just can’t human, start with your physical surroundings and work outwards in. It offers more than just cleaning tips and basics, but sheds light on chronic illnesses and pain, too. Also available, practical advice on even the most mundane house chores.
A word of caution though: if you’re a bit reserved as an individual and cringe at the sight and sound of f-bombs, this might not be for you.
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