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5 Social Distancing Sports You Can Try With Your Friends - go!
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5 Social Distancing Sports You Can Try With Your Friends

You don’t have to risk your health to stay fit during the pandemic!

You probably miss it—the adrenaline coursing through your veins as you strain your muscles, the rush of winning a game and the banter you exchange with buddies as you all push yourselves to the limit. 

It’s likely been a long time since you last played sports with friends because of extended lockdown. Luckily, with vaccinations happening all over and the reopening of businesses, including sporting establishments and destinations, you can get fit with your friends again. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean you get to throw all precautions out the window. The virus is still out there, after all. But, you don’t have to risk your health to stay fit during this pandemic. There are a number of sports you and your friends can do while maintaining distance. 

Try these five social distancing sports with your friends next time and try to stay active!

Badminton or Tennis

If you are looking for social distancing games with friends, you can’t go wrong with badminton or tennis as you and your opponent are on opposite sides of the court. Even if you play doubles, you still have enough space between you and your partner. 

You can huff and puff as you chase that ball or shuttlecock without worrying that your droplets will reach anyone. Knock yourself out, but make sure to play in a court with reliable safety protocols in place.


Cycling is one of the best cardio activities out there. It happens to be quite satisfying as well, since you get to travel while exercising. Set up a cycle date with your closest circle and make an itinerary. Pick a destination where you’ll get to pass through breathtaking scenery. You can check out Antenna Hill in Rizal for a spectacular view of Laguna Lake or the nearby La Mesa Eco Park’s refreshingly verdant trail.

However, remember to avoid huddling whenever you stop to rest. Stay safe apart—you can still admire each other’s gear and exchange funny stories on the road that way.


Craving for a water adventure? Why not drive to the nearby Subic or Caliraya Lake in Laguna to kayak with your friends? You can either indulge in a relaxing rowing session or engage in an exciting race with your friends. However, there should only be one person per kayak to properly socially distance in the water. 

The past months have been stressful, and you deserve to unwind and have fun with your friends in the water! Make sure everyone knows how to swim and keep the lifejackets on for added safety.


You’re lucky to be living in a country where several established mountain hiking trails are just a few hours away from the city. Hiking destinations in Rizal and Batangas are already open to the public. 

Schedule a weekend hike to Mt. Daraitan or Mt. Gulugod Baboy with your friends. Being physically distanced from your hiking buddies won’t stop you from enjoying the trail and marveling at stunning panoramic views. You can do either a day hike or make the most out of your trip by camping overnight. 

Keep your masks on while you hike. You may be tempted to remove it since you’re out in the fresh air, but it’s better to be safe for everyone’s sake. 


If you’ve never played golf before, now may be an excellent time to try. It’s the perfect sport to play with your friends while social distancing as you can be meters away from each other. You can borrow golf gear from your dad or a relative (provided that you clean it first, of course). Pick up your friends and go hit those holes. You might just end up discovering a new favorite sport.

Getting fit is more fun with friends

Despite health and safety protocols, there’s no denying that going out these days is still a risk. If you desperately want to reconnect with your squad but not willing to take the risk, there are home workout routines you may follow with the crew on a video call. 

Shoot two birds with one stone with those equipment-free workouts. You get to stay active while keeping your friendships as strong as your hamstrings. 

Now, if you want to skip physical activities at least until the pandemic is over, there are social distancing activities with friends that won’t require you to sweat like crazy. Think e-sports as gym equipment alternatives for the meantime. 

You can all stay in the comforts of your room and engage in high-stakes battles online. The only downside is you probably won’t burn as many calories. Nonetheless, it’ll be so much fun! 

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